Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Garden Vicinity Fiasco....Ewwwwwww!

       Any of you that read my blog on any kind of a regular basis have seen me, on numerous occasions, sharing my hubby's gardening and flower growing skills...or lack there of, in the case of the sunflowers this year. :-] But today's story of his attempts at gardening has an...*gulp!*...unexpected ending.

     Maybe what I should do first is show you some of the good that came out of his garden so far...

      He has flowers growing as tall as corn stalks back there!

       Peeking from around every corner...

      He was planning to go over to his mom's house to cut her grass, but his garden and flowers were calling 'him-him-him-him, him-him-himmmmmm'! LOL...Where is Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy when you need them?! ^_^
       So, out to the backyard he went...Ahhhhhh.....Oooooooo!...

       Everything is growing so pretty! :-)

    Hubby was having dreams of weeding and planting and....Ooooo! Barbecuing!! we have any charcoal for the grill?!....So into the storage shed room he went....

      ...and there, laid out as pretty as you please in the middle of the floor, was a HUGE mouse! He was so big that hubby wanted me to see it... O_O ...Sometimes I think this sharing thing goes a little too far! LOL...That's why I'm not gonna show him to you! ^_^ I erased the picture of that mouse faster than you can say "Jack!"
       He looked so pitiful laying there. And his little eyes looked like they had little 'X'es on them, like in the cartoons. *_* ...All I kept thinking was: "I hope he was alone"...and..."I hope this was a one time event...I mean, we "are" far away from the woods to not have any other critters coming to visit, right?!"
      Hubby removed the mouse with a shovel I think. He took him up to the edge of the woods out back and flung him....I know that because he told me. Not because I was watching! The picture of his dead body already had me in "EWWWWW-death con 7" mode!! LOL

      The adventure didn't stop there though, because hubby was now determined to clean out the shed...just in case! He was poking and kicking everything to make sure that if anything was alive out there, it would 'high-tail-it' to the woods immediately! LOL
      He poked a rolled up carpet and......bzzzzz!....O_O....bzzzzzzz!.....and then a small swarm of bees, none too happy that he was poking their new lair, came after him!! He came running into the house in a panic!...all gardening and shed cleaning had to be put on hold.
     He kept peeking out the window into the backyard every few minutes to see if the bees were still flying around....more panicked than he needed to be...probably because we recently watched a documentary about the extremely aggressive and deadly traveling African bees, that are going up and down the coast, inhabiting people's sheds and attics...unbeknownst to the owners until they come upon them by accident! O_O
     We don't know if they're African bees. But we know our shed is inhabited now!...And hubby's not interested in bothering them. What!...we don't "NEED" the grill! ^_^ .....And just as hubby was about to get re-settled in himself, he looked up and saw a fox trotting across our backyard....up near the woods. guessed it...the fox found the mouse...*gulp!*....crunch, crunch, crunch!....EWWWWWWW!...I didn't want any pictures of him eating...and I didn't wanna eat myself for a while yesterday either!!...Yeah, I of life...yadda yadda yadda!...I needed to relax myself. You know what that meant! :-)

       Crochet time!...I had to make the new boutonnieres for the wedding party...{By the way, he says the wedding party will be in a follow up spread in a magazine. So my boutonnieres are gonna get some much needed promotion!!! :-)}...The magazine is doing a follow up to an engagement spread on him and his fiance'....It's beautiful too! He sent me the link!! :-) I'll share when it happens. His wedding is in another couple of months.

     I also got another custom request make two tiny thread lapel pins. They're less than an inch in size...

     When I say tiny...I mean tiny! I'm just thankful we're having good weather right now. This work with this tiny crochet hook is an ouch fest anyway, with my arthritic hands. But it would be impossible if we were having rainy weather!
       I have to make the other one, close the buds, make backings for them and add buttons...I shared the photos with the customer. He is very pleased. :-) I'm so glad. There's nothing like a satisfied customer.
      When I finish this order, I think I'm gonna make some more lapel pins for the shop. I'm gonna add my new lapel pin helper...I'm always trying to think of some simple way to wear these in that tiny lapel pin hole on a man's suit!...Meet my newest helper...

      ^_^ Why didn't I think of these before?!!!

       You can just fold these down!! :-] ...Oh how I love a new use for an old thing!...Speaking of which, this 'Old Thing' has to get her some breakfast. ^_^ I think it's been enough time now, since the fox had his meal. Ugh!....Have a good day everybody! :-)

Hungry Stomach

My empty stomach's grumbling
was as noisy as could be!
So demanding in it's urging,
and it's "Hungry" symphony.

I awakened to it's music,
and the fluttering that it caused.
I tried to just ignore it,
with its twist and turning gnaws!

Like a 'stick-in-hand' conductor,
setting music to a riot,
I'll direct some food into it,
so that it will just be QUIET!      


  1. What a clever way to attach a teeny tiny lapel pin to a suit. I would never have thought to use split pins like that.
    I totally agree about mouse, ewwwww! Thank you for not sharing the photos of that. At least the fox got to have a snack though lol

    1. Thanks, Jo! I don't know why I didn't think of it before now. So simple!...And you're welcome, about the mouse photos! ^_^

  2. Your story of the mouse and bees was about as funny as my chipmunk fiasco last week! We could write a book! LOL
    Congrats on the special order and being a part of a magazine layout! Wow! That's going to be great exposure for sure! You better get some more of those made!
    What a great idea with those fasteners! Who knew??
    Have a wonderful rest of the day my friend!!

    1. Hi Cindy! ^_^ Uhhhh...I don't think my mouse and bees story gets anywhere near your chipmunk story!! LOL...And your visitor got away alive!! ^_^...Thanks for the support about the special order. (I just finished and listed the other one too!) And I'm really excited about the magazine spread too!!! I'm doing finger strengthening exercises right now!! LOL...And I'm gonna get started on some sets to sell with the fasteners too!...In other news, I actually got some sleep today. Only time will tell if it's a trend though. ^_^ Have a good evening, my friend!

  3. Wow Deb, your going to become a celebrity and when you do I'm going to sell your autographs, maybe I can get enough out of the ones I have to buy a home. Hope you and your husband can get rid of those nasty critters that have decided to move in....LOL... Love the poem. Have a Great Afternoon!!!

    1. Velma, you have me rolling on the floor laughing!!! LOL Celebrity!...Ha!...And if your autographs are big enough to line the cat it!! ^_^ ... Thanks for the support anyway. And thanks for the nice words about the poem. Have a great evening! :-)


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