Sunday, July 22, 2012

Embracing The Competition

       I'm not gonna do a lot of talking this morning. I've already been doing that with my hubby! ^_^ Now, I've got to get myself ready for my meeting!...But what I am going to do is show you the cute crocheted boutonnieres that have been popping up on Etsy lately.
      At first I was kinda sad...because usually when I'd go and do the Etsy search for "crochet boutonnieres" the majority of the ones showing up would be mine! ^_^ It was like having my own Etsy category! :-) But, of late, I've had to share the spotlight.

     RichardsFabulousFind has some really cute boutonnieres and lapel flowers! And the photos are so good too. Much better than mine!....I have to figure out how to get my man to dress up "in the house" and then make him stand still! LOL

     RusticNovel (below) has some cute boutonnieres too!...

     ...and some good-looking photos!

      So, rather than being jealous that Wuglyees isn't cornering the market on crocheted boutonnieres, I'm gonna be thankful that crocheted boutonnieres are getting a following, and a market!...Besides, there's plenty of room for all of us. And we all crochet slightly differently anyway.
       Here's a few of the cuff link boutonnieres and lapel pins from my shop. (below) I spent yesterday refashioning them, and padding them up a little that they didn't flop around on the lapel when they were being worn. There was a lot of room around that cuff link.

      So, as you can see, I was kinda busy yesterday! ^_^ And I'm gonna be busy with all of them later today too...because I have to re-list them in the shop. They have to be re-measured. I have to change the descriptions to be more accurate. And, in some cases, re-price them too!

      And, believe it or not, those boutonnieres weren't the only ones I was working on yesterday!...I also refashioned a couple of men's boutonnieres into ladies brooches! :-)) ...

      I removed the stick pin and added a brooch pin bar to the back of this one (above)...

      I also removed the stick pin to this one...and then I added, not only a bar pin to the back, but a Czech Glass Fly Button to the front of it!...

     They look much better as ladies brooches, right?!...They were a little too large to put on a men's suit jacket lapel. I think that's why no man ever bought them! LOL...Let's see if the ladies like 'em! :-)

      The last thing I did yesterday was work another color onto my sweater lap blanket...It went from this... this now...

      Hubby is making all kinds of jokes and wise cracks about my color palette for my sweater blanket...but WHATEVER!!! ^_^ If he's not careful I may rethink my stance of not making him dress up in the house and stand still for some photos of my boutonnieres! LOL I could put some colors on them that will make a grown man weep! ^_^
     Okay...look at the time!! O_O Gotta go!...Have a good day, Everybody!

Men Are Not The Same

Men are not the same.
Women, you know what I mean.
They are complicated, quiet,
not fanatics being clean.

Men are not the same.
They could care less how they look!
Yes, a generalization,
in which I could write a book.

Men are not the same.
On long detail don't waste their time.
They will say the color's green,'
Where we say emerald, teal, or lime.

Men are not the same.
Some things are obvious to see.
Like muscle mass and hair,
and the different ways we pee.

The truth is, girls, we like it!
Our feigned annoyance is a myth.
Because if we were both the same
there'd be no one to bicker with!


  1. Oh, it's fun to come back here and see how busy you've been!! And I think that by celebrating your "competition" you are also celebrating your own creations. I think that's what I love about Etsy - it has such a feeling of cooperation rather than competition. That's nice!!

    Your boutonnieres (why do I find that so hard to spell) are gorgeous!! And what's wrong with the color palette for your blanket?!? ;-)

    Hope you are doing well!! Hugs, Silke

    1. Hi Silke! :-) I can tell whenever you're not around, that you're having some kind of adventure in the sun somewhere! :-] I'm holding down the business fort! :-)) ... Thank you for the nice words about my fellow boutonniere crocheters and I. Yes, celebrating others is good for all of us! That's what love about Etsy too!...And thank you for the nice words about my boutonnieres too. :-]...About the blanket, my hubby likes symmetry. Shades of brown or shades of blue. My creations sometime have too many colors all in one place for him! LOL Truth be told, I just ignore him in the initial stages of everything I'm making because invariably he loves the end results almost as much as me! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day, Silke!

    2. Oh, that's funny about your husband's color preferences. With Daniel and me it's the opposite, especially when it comes to painting or decorating a room. Daniel is always more daring and I've learned over the years that I end up loving what he does. We just repainted out bathroom in shades of apricot and purple. I would not have chosen the purple to go with the other two colors, but it ended up looking wonderful! :)

      Enjoy your Monday!! Hugs, Silke

    3. Ha! Ha! Yep! I think you and Daniel have the same personality models going the reverse! ^_^ Thankfully in the end it all works out!...By the way, purple and apricot sounds so interesting. I'd love to see it! ^_^

  2. Hi Deb, wow looks like you hit the market first. I have a thought why not put a shirt and jacket on Tina and take the pictures that way. Just a thought. Have a great afternoon!!! hugs, Velma

    1. Hi Velma!...You know, I thought about that! But I didn't think it would look right. Tina's arms are so awkward, and she's posed in such a girlie way....but her arms do come off!...Hmmm... ^_^ To be continued! LOL

  3. You made me smile :) I can just imagine you making some unusual colour selections for lapel pins and getting hubby to wear them.
    I quite like the colours you have chosen for the sweater lap blanket. It looks like it would be a very warm blanket too.

    1. ^_^ Oh yes! I can come up with some color combinations alright! He knows it too! LOL...And you're very right about the sweater blanket being warm too. That's why I thought this would be the best time to start it. By the time it gets big enough, Fall weather will be here! :-]


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