Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wide Awake!...Tweaking....Tweaking!

      Once again, here I am talking about my adventures in not sleeping!...*shaking my head*...I know! I know! You're sick of hearing about it...almost as much as I'm sick of myself talking about it!! LOL But considering that all of my activities lately are being done with me in an exhausted state, I thought I should tell you about it...to explain why I sound kinda nutty and scatter-brained sometimes! ^_^
     So...what have I been doing while half awake this time?!...Tweaking the groom's boutonniere on the custom wedding order that I'm making...As I told you yesterday, my customer loves the groomsmen's boutonnieres...

     But the boutonniere for the groom is causing some challenges. The reason is because he wanted his boutonniere made with two different colors than the groomsmen...'Passion' purple and 'Iris', which is a kind of purple/violet/blue...

     Those two colors would have looked great together too!....if I could find the 'iris' shade in a thread....which I can't find.....ANYWHERE! Ugh!
    So, it's been a back and forth about other colors. He wanted to try a dark purple with the 'passion'...

    Nice....but no 'Umph!'...besides which, the dark purple doesn't fit the wedding color scheme...He wondered how silver would look.....Then we moved on!

      Then he mentioned that they will be wearing gray suits. So he thought that maybe gray would work with the passion. :-) Yeah!...But what shade of gray?!...

       Dark gray or light gray?! O_O

     And what button?....This one?...

      Or a smaller one?....Maybe this one?...

     As of in the middle of the night....like around 1 or 2 a.m. ...it was decided!...I'm gonna do three colors! :-) Both shades of gray and the passion purple!...I'll show it to you tomorrow...

      Stream of consciousness: I just got a phone call... ;_; ...spending any more time on this post seems kinda frivolous right now. :-( Sorry y'all. If I can pull myself together, I'll tell you about it later. ;_; I'm so sad right now.

 Let Go

Ever against the tide we row,
fighting our-self, with bent elbow.
(Releasing feelings, tucked inside,
hidden because of foolish pride.)

Fighting just to stay the course.
Using every ounce of force.
(Dreaded emotions pushing through,
trying to get the best of you.)

Waves of feelings swirling round.
Fighting hard to keep them down.
(They're  seeping out on every curve.
Letting them-takes lots of nerve.)

Open quick, your tight-clenched palm.
Feel the water's  quiet calm.
(Released emotions-held too long,
now are righting every wrong.)


  1. Deb, Love your boutonnieres. I hope it doesn't take you to much more time to figure out the grooms. Sorry to hear that you are feeling sad. I will keep you in my prayers. Hugs, Velma

    1. Thanks, Velma....I'm waiting to hear abot the groom's boutonniere right now. I sent him a photo. :-] ...And thank you for the concern too. (((Hugs back)))

  2. Oh I love the owl hope u r having a Happy 4th ?~~ Debb

    1. Yes, I love the owls too. They're so expressive!...and I don't celebrate the 4th of July holiday, but even if I did, today would still not be a good day. I got some bad news today. :-( I hope tomorrow will be better. And not just because it's the 5th. :-]

  3. Deb,

    Gray and purple make a pretty color combo!! I like it.
    Such a nice idea for a wedding, not tradional to have crochet boutonniere for the groom and I love that!

    Happy holiday!

    1. Hi Priscila, Yes! I agree. In fact, I think the suggestion to the customer to try these colors was mine....and he agreed with me. :-) Now I'm just waiting for him to see the finished product and decide if he likes it...By the way, I don't know why no one thought of this idea before! There are so many color combinations you can do!...and crocheted boutonnieres can be pinned to the stem of real flowers! :-] I think it makes more sense than all of those random strands of ribbon hanging everywhere...Have a good day.

  4. Your boutonnieres are amazing. What a great idea. No wonder you can't sleep with all that creativity sloshing around in your brain! I hope whatever happened to make you sad is going to be OK. You have me worried Deb!

    1. Awww! Thanks, about my boutonnieres, Yaya. :-] ASnd congrats on your Vera Bradley bag too! I won one from Vicki a while back. I love mine too!...By the way, the phone call that made me sad...I hope it's going to be okay too...but this time I fear it might not. :-(

  5. Im so sorry your not sleeping sounds like your brain is far to active and busy with all the things you have to make, hopefully when there down and your happy and the customer is to you will be able to relax and sleep. Silver and purple will be very classy. I hope the phone call was nothing to worry about. hugs, dee x

    1. Hi Dee...Well, guess what?! All I did yesterday was sleep!!!...I guess really bad news is more like a sleeping pill than I thought!...I wrote today's post about the phone call...And thank you about the boutonniere. Instead of the silver, he went with the different shades of gray and the purple passion. :-]

  6. If the boutonniere was for me you know that I would be happy with any of the purples :D
    Sending you a hug and I hope that you feel a little happier today.

    1. ^_^ Noted!...I don't think I knew that you were a purple lover. I know now though!...and yes, I'm more positive today...sleepier...but more positive. :-]


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