Friday, July 13, 2012

I Just Realized...There's No Rhyme Or Reason....

     Have you ever tried to put your finger on exactly why it is that you like the things you like?!...I thought about that today as I was looking through the Etsy search...I realized pretty quick that there's no rhyme or reason to the things I like! And I realized that when I like it....I like it, and that's that!
      It's not because they're a certain color. It's not because I own a pet, or like a certain country, or am planning a vacation, or am moving to a new house and need decorating ideas! ^_^ Nope! There really is no rhyme or reason.
      Hubby finds this an endearing quality of mine. According to him, I'm the woman that he's always dreamed of...*stop gagging!*...a woman who knows what I like, and don't like, and am not afraid to say so!...It makes the decision making process pretty easy for him:

"Honey, do you like this one or that one?"....."That one!"
"Should I wear these or those?"....."Definitely those!"

     This is not a judgement...just an observation....but I don't understand people that agonize over a decision...Any decision! O_O It puzzles me why they don't have an immediate reaction...I mean, I understand that they may not know WHY they like a certain something,...that's me too!...but why don't they know 'whether' they like it or not?!
      Test yourself on these things below. If you saw them in a search somewhere would you have an immediate reaction to them, as to whether you liked them or not?!...{By the way, I liked all of them....immediately! :-) Including the cage in the header photo.}...

       A couple of these make sense to me why I like them...Uhhh...I have some issues! LOL...Chocolate....Sleeping...just saying. ^_^ But the others?!...*scratching my head*...There's no rhyme or reason. I just like 'em! :-)
      I could add a few other things to the list of things...and people...I like without a rhyme or reason...but I'll spare you that list today. LOL...Instead, I'll just wish you a happy Friday, a good weekend, and a fun 'Date Night'! ^_^ ...Speaking of which, this song's for you, Bae....and for me! :-)

 Eclectic Tastes

I've got eclectic tastes.
Yes I do! That's what I said!
I'm not afraid of being different,
Country raised and city bred.

If it's pretty, then I'm in,
but just as fast I can be out,
because I don't like what the hoopla
about some things is all about!

I think different can be cool,
in many colors, not just white.
And not just worn by 'one such person',
with a body shape just right.

It's good to have 'eclectic' tastes,
and to just be who 'you' are!
But be careful, because 'eclectic'
quickly can become 'Too Far'!!


  1. I have the same issues. I like what I like. BUT...and that's a BIG BUT (no, and stop looking!), I have a terrible time making decisions! As an example....I LOVE the mouse and the rings!! Would I buy them?? I don't know...can't decide! LOL
    What I love about the mouse is how it's photographed. Awesome!
    The rings on the other hand, are my style! I don't make rings and I admire (in fact I've bought) them!!
    Great selections this morning Wug! Have a wonderful day and date night too!

    Cute poem too by the way! :)

    1. Hi, Bead! :-) Well, I'm glad I'm not alone! Although maybe you can answer my question for me, being one who has a terrible time making decisions. Is it because you worry that other people might not like it, or is it because you feel an obligation to do something about it if you like it, or what?! It's puzzling to me what would cause the hesitation as to whether you like something or not.....But clearly YOU DO know what YOU like! :-)...By the way, whether to buy or not buy is another thing! I can understand hesitation about that....questions of into your space....etc...Anyway, thanks for the input this morning, my friend! Have a good day yourself too! :-]


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