Friday, July 6, 2012

Today It's Just Gonna Be.......

         I'm not forcing it today! I'm just gonna relax and go with the flow. After's my Friday Virtual Date Night'! I'm allowed to just...'BE'! :-] And if you wanna join me, please do! It'll just be you and me....'being' us!
       There will be no 'grown up talk' today. I'm gonna be and talk like a kid...'virtually'. :-)) In fact, I may or may not even be tall enough to reach any grown up subject today! LOL

       Instead I'm gonna try on all the jewelry in my jewelry box that I haven't been wearing...all of it, if I want to! ^_^

      I don't think any of mine is as elegant as the two above pieces... O_O ...but that's not the point today, right?! I'm just gonna put jewelry on...and wear it!.....Whatever it is!....because......JUST because!...I love jewelry! ^_^ {By the way, YOU can wear whatever you want! LOL}

     Also, because I'm not forcing it today, I'm gonna spend some time just sitting and staring out into the backyard. :-) It's a good time to do that too, because hubby's flowers are growing so pretty out there. He took these close ups of a couple of them yesterday...

       Aren't they beautiful?! :-] ... They're relaxing me...and making me wanna chase the butterflies that have been flitting all around them in the backyard too!....Maybe today I will! :-) ...Why not?!

       What else am I gonna do?!....Crochet, of course! :-) 

         I didn't do anything on my new crochet project yesterday. It required more brain power than I could muster. :-)) ...I did make some flower brooches though! Making them doesn't require any kind of deep thought anymore. I move my fingers and they almost make themselves! ^_^ I'll show 'em to you tomorrow...I couldn't muster up enough energy to photograph them yesterday either! LOL

        And, seeing as it's Wimbledon semi-final time, you can just about guess what else I'm gonna be doing today, right?! ^_^ ... Yep! The same thing I was doing yesterday...every time my eyes opened I mean...(Oooo Whee! I was doing some sleeping!!)...watching tennis!

            Yesterday it was the Wimbledon women's semi-final matches, between Angelique Kerber and Agnieszka Radwanska...(The photos below are from the Wimbledon Facebook site)

          Radwanska won.

        ....After that match, it was Serena Williams versus Victoria Azarenka...

         Serena won.

      They were both good, but they were straight matches. Predictable straight matches...The men's semi-final matches today are NOT predictable!

      The first match will be Roger Federer versus Novak Djokovic...And, after that, Andy Murray versus Jo-Wilfried Tsonga! {I'm still missing my 'Baby Boy', Rafael Nadal, being in it though ;_;}...This is gonna be good, edge of your seat, tennis y'all!!...If you've never watched tennis before, and you're wondering what the big deal is, today would be the day to watch and find out! ^_^

       I picked a good day to just 'BE', don't you think?! ^_^ ... Now tomorrow I have to put my big girl....Well, you know what I mean...I've got to get back to the job of choosing my husband a gift, and cheering up a certain someone with some devastating news hanging over their head. :-( ...Like Scarlett O'Hara though, from Gone With The Wind, 'I'll think about that tomorrow...because tomorrow is another day!'

      Have a good weekend, Everybody!

Why I Love Sports

When I see something done at it's best,
When I see the hard work and the skill,
When I know they could give it no less,
and if more could be given, they will,

When I hear in their voice the request,
to be put in, yes, even if ill,
When the time that they're spending is pressed,
and the love for the sacrifice real,

When the rules of the game they've addressed,
and for them, the price well worth the bill,
When I've felt them embracing the test,
then I love it, and I always will!       


  1. I love the flower photos. The red ones are really pretty!
    I'm staying in and cleaning my house in the AC. Later...a haircut and that's about it. No plans to go anywhere.
    You relax and have a great day and if you do take time to try on jewelry...enjoy it!!
    Have a great date night too!
    Tomorrow IS another day!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Hubby will love that you could appreciate his photography. ^_^ ...Oooo! Another haircut! Is there gonna be a 'show-'n-tell' blog post? LOL...And by the way, you have the right idea...stay in and enjoy the air conditioning. You deserve a day! That chipmunk took everything out of you yesterday! ^_^ Have a good weekend my friend. :-)

  2. You days sounds like its been a lovely one. Good luck with finding your husband a present and enjoy your date tonight ;-) dee x

    1. Hi Dee!...My day just started here. But you're right...So far, so good. ^_^ I'm watching Federer/Djokovic tennis. What could be bad?! LOL Have a good weekend!


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