Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thankfully There's Color In The World...Once You're Awake I Mean!

      I'm gonna try my best to keep it positive today. No easy feat, considering that last night was night two of the sleep study....By the way, calling it a "sleep" study may be a bit misleading! least it is in my case...because "sleep" is not what I'm getting most of the time! What I'm getting is tired-er, more aggravated, and annoyed!...In fact, in my case they should call it a "Stay-Awake, Annoy-Your-Husband, Stare-At-The-Wall-Till-All-Hours" study!! Grrr!
      Wait a minute! I said I was gonna try to keep it positive! ^_^ In that case, scratch that first paragraph and just stare at my sweater blanket! :-)

      I just added my next color. It's the first color I started with in the middle. I figured I'd better work with the colors I have on it already and not start any more. They seem to be working. And I know how quick one extra color can make "good" go straight to "weird"! I'm stopping at 'good'! LOL

       In more positive news, I added two new re-fashioned brooches to my shop yesterday...

      Look at that gorgeous raspberry truffle Czech Glass and fire agate dangle, and that pretty yarn too! :-)

      And I also added this brick red flower dangle, with a copper resin bead dangle...

       I think they'll make nice additions to coats or pocketbooks or whatever!...Now, Is that enough positive for you?!...I hope so, because the next few pictures, unless you're hankering for some rain in your area, are not gonna seem all that positive! ^_^

      This was our backyard practically all day yesterday!...

      And yes....that "IS" a puddle!...A huge puddle. The first puddle of the season...That lets you know how hard and fast the rain was coming down yesterday too!

      The hummingbirds were waiting it out in the tree...while we were waiting it out in the house!

        More rain is due today....all the way up to Thursday even!....Ooooo! A rainy day for our anniversary!...Great! That'll make our "virtual" trip that much better! :-)

       I'm "positive" that it's gonna be an interesting week!....I'm thankful I'll have color to look at in the the form of a rainbow sweater blanket. :-] And maybe I will have gotten some sleep by the latter part of the week too. Tonight is the last night for the so-named 'sleep' study.
       I have a meeting this morning. I just hope I can keep my eyes and ears open! O_O I'm sure I'll get some help! :-] ... Have a good day, everybody!


It feels good to be awake!
Eyes wide open. Brain cells too!
Now my mind and eyes need focus.
Let's go find something to do!


  1. Oh, your sleep study sounds painful, but hopefully - after it's all done - it will be helpful to you! I have to say I love that sweater blanket - is it called that because of the ribbed pattern? And your refashioned brooches are beautiful!! We finally had some rain here yesterday and might get more storms today. The garden certainly needed it!! Hugs, Silke

    1. You got that right, Silke! Painful!!!!...I'm trying to focus on the positive though. It's only ONE MORE DAY!!...And thank you about the brooches and Sweater Blanket...the Sweater Blanket named thus by ME, because it reminds me of big and thick sweaters I had in my past. I don't have any of them anymore because once I started going through this stage of my life I realized that I didn't want to be wearing ANYTHING that generated heat!! ^_^ ...Too bad I couldn't send you a ton of the rain we got yesterday for your garden! ^_^ Although if I did, you might be battling a jungle today! LOL Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Gosh I do hope that this sleep study is going to be helpful. It doesn't sound too nice :( I hope you manage to get a few hours sleep tonight.
    I love your brooches. The dangles compliment the flowers beautifully.

    1. Yes, Jo, I hope it ends up being helpful too. I'm about to go down for the last night's testing...YAY! The LAST night! Who knew I'd be looking forward to wearing my C-Pap machine again!...Thank you for the nice words about my brooches too. I have quite a few other things to list, but my mind is not good for focusing on that right now...I'm focusing on a new week starting, getting to see all kinds of sports, and and my anniversary coming! That's plenty to smile about, right?! :-) Have a good day, Jo!

  3. Eventhough it's raining those pics are seriously so pretty and the air seems so clean and fresh. I love the rainbow colors of your first few pics and it goes with the theme of your post. Thanks so much for your nice words about my friend and I hope you had a great weekend


    1. Hi Dale!...WOW! You think my rainy backyard is pretty?!...Ooookay! :-)) Although the fresh and clean air comment I can appreciate...when it's not making me sneeze. LOL...Thank you very much for the complement on my rainbow colored blanket too. It's gonna take a while, but I think it's gonna be a real doozey when it's finally done...Enjoy your week, and I hope your friend does too!


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