Thursday, July 5, 2012

Royalty, Front Page...And Other Stuff!

      Do you have a childhood memory, from when you were a kid, of waking up on the weekend to the smell of bacon frying?...Of walking slowly toward the kitchen, maybe dragging your 'blankie' with you, and seeing your mom, all smiley and in an over-exuberantly good mood, offering you a big hug and a large glass of cold, frothy chocolate milk with a red and white colored straw in it?!
     Clearly I do!...and it's those memories that fly into my head when I see photos like the one in the header photo above. First class memories! Memories that give you good things to think about even when bad things are happening all around you.
      Speaking of first class...and photos...look at one of the photos that was on the Wimbledon Facebook site yesterday!...

      It's Prince William and Kate! They came to see Roger Federer and Andy Murray play!!...and Roger and Andy did not disappoint. They both won! :-)
      In fact, there was all kinds of royalty at Wimbledon yesterday!...even tennis 'royalty'...

           ...which included the likes of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf! :-) ...Oh, I miss seeing them play! Talk about good memories!...Oh Well.......Moving on!

       I spent part of the day yesterday looking for good things to put in my head....besides sleepy dreams I mean, cuz OH YEAH!...I did some more sleeping!! :-] ...So, I popped over to the front page of Etsy...just to see what kind of crazy stuff was there!....(I do that sometimes...and you probably wouldn't admit it, but you probably do that too! LOL)...What did I find?!...Not crazy stuff at all! But these two cuties...

     Aren't they delicious?! :-) They look like little homemade lolli-hearts!

     And then there was these cuties...a set of 4 too!...

      Don't you just love the little pocket?!! I'd never seen a placemat like that before! Perfect for the front page! ... or the front table at dinner! :-) 

     No, I didn't spend my whole day online or sleeping. I also did a bit of crocheting...of course. :-)) I wanted to show you the wedding boutonniere we finally decided on...

       The two shades of gray and the purple passion look great together. But I couldn't decide whether to put the dark or the light gray in the middle (the light gray is in the middle in the photo above). The customer left it up to me!

     I finally decide not to put the light gray in the middle...because the silver button wouldn't show up as well against the lighter color...Here's the finished product...

       What do you think?!...Honestly, I still miss the 'iris' color. It would have really popped with that color in the middle! But I think the groom will still look pretty handsome with this one on his lapel! :-)

      After I finished the boutonniere, I was looking around for something fun to work on...something new....This is what I found...

         Do you know what it is?! ^_^

      If you're good!! LOL I'm gonna work on it some more to day. I'll show you what it is when it gets further along.....assuming that I can figure out the pattern! It's kinda patchy! :-]

     Okay, back to bed....and some more childhood memories! :-)

        What do you want?!....I'm working on my mood! :-] ...I am feeling better today too. More determined than weepy. And I hope you are too!...Have a good day, Everybody!

Feeling Better

There's no card for "Feeling Better"!
But I think that there should be,
when my friends have sent good wishes;
and been loving up on me.

When they've sent good food to eat,
flowers, cards, emails, and calls.
When they've made it bearable
watching T.V. and 4 walls.

I'd like a card to send them back,
with a smiley face there too,
saying: "Feeling so much better;
and it's all because of you!"


  1. I'm glad you're doing better today. I can see that all the prayers are helping. Maybe all the sleep is helping too. Whatever it is, I'm glad you're doing better.
    As for the boutonniere is concerned...I have to admit I like the first one better. I like the dark gray best against the dark red (I forgot what you called that color...LOL). But the one you decided on is pretty too! AND it IS up to the customer, isn't it! I'm sure he'll love it!
    Take care today Wug. Stay cool and keep thinking happy thoughts (like what life will be like in the new world with no more sickness and death).

    1. Hi Bead!...Yes, all of the prayers are helping...and sleep is doing it's part too! ^_^ As to the boutonnieres...Ohhhh! You like the first one better?! Hmmm...Yeah, I can see what you mean about the dark gray and 'passion'...Oka, off to think some more happy thoughts and get another little nappy-poo before the meeting! :-] Enjoy yours too!

  2. Hi Wug! I'm so happy you like my hearts bouquet and I'm so honored of appearing in your beautiful blog. It's so fresh and tender.
    I really like your poem. Sorry if my english is bad, but I wanted to thank you and to send you my best wishes too.

    1. Hello!...How nice to have you visit 'The Backyard'! :-) And your English is just fine!...and so are your cute little blue and white hearts!...Thank you for the nice words about my poem too...Have a good rest of the evening, and please come back again some time! :-)

  3. I have no doubt the groom will look quite dashing wearing the great looking crocheted boutonniere you created. I like the colors. Love the Blue and White Gingham Hearts Bouquet featured in this post. I can't figure out what you are going to work on next but it sure looks like fun. I like the chosen colors.

    Sending healthy, happy wishes your way!

    1. Hi Julie!...Thank you for the vote of confidence on my boutonniere! And I agree with you, about the groom looking dashing with it on. :-)... As to my new project, I would have been 'floored' if anybody figured it out from those pictures! :-)) But no worries, I'll keep you up to date as it's coming along. :-) Have a good on, Julie!

  4. - Sure Wig! I'll come back again sometimes! I want to know what you are doing with the things you have found!
    - Thank you Julie!

    1. ^_^ Great!! See you later then! :-]

  5. thank you for featuring my placemats in this lovely post!

    1. It was my pleasure, Daria! :-)

  6. I'm so glad you're feeling better and I can see you're also very busy being creative! I guess the press didn't realize more royalty was watching from home...You, the queen of tennis! I love the placemats also!

    1. Yes, Yaya. I'm feeling better. "What a difference a day makes. 24 little hours." (Remember that song?! ^_^)...The situation hasn't changed. Just my outlook a bit...And you 'cracked me up' about me being royalty. Oh if only you could see the sleep hair and drool marks! LOL

  7. The wedding boutonniere looks so so wonderful. The color combo is great!
    Happy you're feeling well today!

    1. Thank you very much, Priscila! :-) I hope he likes it too!...And thanks for the encouragement too. :-]

  8. That placemat looks amazing. I've never seen any like that either.
    I hope that your customer likes the boutonniere. I love the colour combination. I would've had the darker grey on the outside & the purple in the middle but that's just me. I'm sure he will love it.
    Your new project looks a little bit like slippers. Am I right?
    I'm glad to see that you're feeling better today :)

    1. I agree about the placemat...and the boutonniere (I'd like the gray on the outside too I think). But the customer is always right! ^_^ And....Shhhh!...You're right about the new project too....patchwork slippers...Shhhh! :-]


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