Thursday, June 5, 2014

Giant Snail...Apology!

      Because of a misunderstanding by one of the Etsy sellers whose item I shared on my blog yesterday, I feel the need to have everyone whose items I share here on the blog understand who I am...I am 'NOT' the kind of person that shares other people's talent and creativity just to get a laugh out of it, or to put them down! That's NOT ME!!
      I 'am' the kind of person who talks a lot, and who sometimes may not say everything I'm feeling about some of the items I share. For that, I'm sorry!...I made the wordy mistake yesterday of saying that I was just wasting some time on Etsy and found their item and just thought I'd share it. O_O 
      What I meant was that I wasn't doing anything in particular while I was watching tennis out of the corner of my eye, so I started looking around on Etsy...and saw their cute item and just had to share it!...It was a good thing!!...It makes me sad to think that the world has gotten so cruel that someone would think that I would share their item, contact them to say I shared it, and then proceed to put them down! O_O 
      I'm the girl that likes to keep it positive, smile-worthy, and up-building around here! I go out of my way to NOT put people down!!! O_O ... But I guess when you talk as much as I do, you're bound to get it wrong every once in a while. :-( So, to the maker of the cute item from yesterday's post (which has now been removed)...I apologize.

     MOVING ON!...Let's talk about snails, shall we?! ^_^ I'll tell you why in a minute. First, I have to look at another example of cuteness!...

      Yep!...Cute, right?! :-) And it's a cute snail that I 'could' crochet myself!...MAYBE!...if I wasn't determined not to mess up anyone's pattern with my non-talented-animal-crocheting self!! LOL..."I'm still sorry, Baby Wuglyee!"...I'll keep my crocheting talents in the flower realm, and I'll leave the 'detail-oriented' crocheting of animals to those who do it well! ^_^

      The reason I'm talking about snails today is because I was scrolling on Twitter this morning and saw this!...
(Giant African Land Snail on Fusion)

      The tag line for the story behind the photo said: "Giant Snails Take Over South Florida". O_O What?!!...And it's no joke either!!...(You can click over to the site and see the whole story.)...South Florida is having a Giant African Land Snail epidemic!! O_O 
      Giant African Land Snails lay 100 eggs a month, can grow up to 15 inches long, and can eat through the stucco walls of a house!! O_O A quote from the site says: "They eat 500 different plants, including everything we grow in Florida as a source of food,"..."In addition to that, they're a human and animal threat, because they carry a parisitic nematoad that could cause meningitis." YIKES!! O_O All we have to deal with here in western Massachusetts is rain!! 
       After seeing the rest of the video about the giant snails, and the way South Florida is choosing to get rid of them...FASCINATING!...I was in search of some other, less slimy, CUTE snails to focus on!! ^_^ ... And I found some too!!! :-) ...

      Awwwwww! Cute snails! :-) And a whole lotta thankfulness that I don't live in South Florida right now!....*cold shiver* O_O ... We are dealing with rain here in Holyoke today though!...I'll take it!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! ♥


Yes, sometimes I am snail-like,
move real slow, and leave a trail.
And I can hibernate...You, know,
a nap won't make me frail.

No, I may not move fast.
Sometimes it's 'steady as she goes!'
Maybe that's why snails live longer,
They take their time...and a quick doze!


  1. Never knew there were so many snail items on Etsy! And CUTE too!! Thanks for sharing them!
    As for saying the wrong thing, don't let it bother you. I'm the queen of saying the wrong thing, or saying something that is not meant the way it sounds at all. Yep...I do feel bad, but once it's explained, you just have to let it go and move on. I'm sure she understands.
    Have a wonderful day of tennis and crocheting! :)

  2. Thank you Debbie! :)

    Love your beautiful blog and the gorgeous snail collection!


    1. It's always my pleasure to share, Valentina! :-) And thank you for stopping by to take a look! ♥ Please come again!!

  3. Ha! Ha! I didn't either, Bead!!...And, believe it or not, there were so many that I gave myself a 10 piece minimum!...which I broke!! ^_^ ... As to saying the wrong thing, I HATE when that happens! O_O I don't mind taking the heat if I 'MEANT' to say something that someone just doesn't like, but when I meant something good and people take it wrong...that hurts! O_O I could only apologize sincerely though. After that, it's up to her as to how she will handle it...By the way, it was a GREAT tennis day!!!! :-)


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