Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Picked My Hook Back Up!!


      Guess what?!...I actually picked up my crochet hook this morning and did some crocheting! :-) I think the fact that I sold a couple crochet boutonnieres...out of the country too!...gave me the incentive! :-)
      Nothing major. Just a couple 'wuglyee-style' crochet keychains, and a couple of lapel pins. But, at this point, I'm happy to have incentive to crochet 'anything'!! The quietness of my shop, and the disappearance of my sales, did a number on my desire to create! I was starting to question whether I should just close the shop and 'call it a day'! O_O
      For now anyway, I'm back!! ^_^ ...


      Back to taking bits of colored thread, a metal crochet hook, and occasionally a vintage button, and making 'WUGLYEES'!! ^_^ ... Warm, maybe ugly, but easy to love creations! :-) ...

      Sometimes a tiny bit of colorful crochet lapel pin 'class' pops off the hook too!! ^_^ ...


      But, for me, it's always a way to have fun, play with color and texture, show off some technique...and buttons!...and maybe make a few pennies to boot! ^_^ ... Soooo...keychain, anyone?!!! :-) ...



      And if you need any other crochet items...shawls, scarves, pocketbooks, necklaces, gloves, headbands, etc...pop on over to my Etsy shop HERE! :-) If you see something you like, but you want it in another color, just let me know! ^_^
      Oh Yeah!...if you need some poetry, I have some of that in the shop too! :-) ... Okay, that's all of the 'shop talk' I have for today. :-) ... As to other stuff, our car had some repairs done today... $400 worth!! O_O YIKES! I wonder how much 'an arm and a leg' are going for these days?! LOL
      Our finances are as sparse as hen's teeth these days!! ^_^ We got some mail today, offering us a free trip to Orlando Florida. An obvious scam, we think, because the letter didn't even have a professional letter-head or a personal name signed to it!...Hubby and I were joking about how we could figure out a way to make the 'scammers' feel so sorry for us that they'd just send us the check for what the trip was suppose to cost...$1,800! LOL...We're not that desperate....YET!! ^_^
       And on the sports front, YAY!...'Baby Boy', Rafa Nadal, won his first round match at Wimbledon today!....Phew! O_O I was worried when he lost the first set!...but he re-grouped and pulled it out!! :-) 
      Other winners were Maria Sharapova, Wilfried Tsonga, Serena Williams, and Roger Federer! :-) Novak Djokovic won his match yesterday....I LOVE tennis! ^_^ I'm also loving soccer right now!...the FIFA World Cup in Brazil! :-) 
      I have to admit...I hardly paid attention to soccer last year. I was more into bicycling. But since the whole 'Lance Armstrong' and doping stuff, I haven't watched cycling since. It took all of the excitement out of it for me. Kinda sad too. :-( I loved watching the beautiful French countryside views fly by...Oh Well. This year I have soccer! :-) I can watch the goalie's body fly by, when he dives for a ball!! LOL
     Okay.....yak! yak! yak!! LOL...Now you know why I stopped writing in a diary many years ago!...I ran out of paper!! LOL Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! :-) 


I'm terribly distracted.
Watching tennis all the time,
I don't even wanna talk.
And it's a struggle writing rhyme.

And I'm wonderfully distracted.
Doing what I love to do.
Whoop and holler at the T.V.,
while I blog a bit for you.

I'm sorry I'm distracted.
And I hope you will forgive
that my mind can not be wrangled.
All my thoughts are in the sieve.

What I'll try to do tomorrow...
which I clearly can't do now...
is to give my full attention
to those who will not get it now! 

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