Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Hubby, The Dog Whisperer?!


      Okay...so here's the story. Prior to yesterday my husband had delusions of thinking that he was some kind of 'dog whisperer'. Not a 'chicken whisperer'...contrary to his obvious skills as a chicken sitter! ^_^ No. He somehow thought that as long as he smiled and stuck his hand out, dogs would just let him pet them, or back away and not hurt him! O_O
      And the cute little escaping Pomeranian, owned by one of the clients that takes his van, was gonna be no match for him! She opened her front door to wheel herself out to the van, but she didn't close it fast enough and her little Pomeranian dog got out!!
      My husband saw the escape happen and decided to put his 'dog whispering' skills into play. O_O After all, what was this little dog gonna do?!...


      So, he cut the doggie off at the pass, and picked it up! O_O ... Unfortunately there was no sign anywhere to tell him that he should...


      It never even occurred to him that this cute little 'fluff ball' would bite!...But it did!!! THREE TIMES in quick succession!!! O_O On the same finger too!!...While he was still holding it!! O_O Uhhhh...that little biter would've been on the ground....QUICK!...if it was me!! ^_^ But, of course, that's because I make no claims to be a 'dog whisperer'! LOL


      I am a 'hubby whisperer' though! I'll tell you what he's saying now...even though he's not using his voice. He's saying: "Okay...so I'm not a dog whisperer!! And I'm not a dog wrangler either!" LOL
      Before you guys worry about him too much, let me tell you that the dog had already had rabies shots, and there was a nurse at the center to take care of his bites right away. He was all bandaged up when he came home. Since then he hasn't even had any pain in his finger! But he's been dressing the bandage correctly...cleaning it and putting bacterial disinfectant stuff on it. ^_^
      Needless to say, hubby will not be approaching anyone else's dogs!  ^_^ In fact, any angry face that comes near him, trying to look all cute, might have a problem getting noticed!! LOL He is not interested in helping out any more!! He's gonna be driving the van....PERIOD!!! LOL...And trying to think up ways to make all dogs wear a sign!! :-)


        Me, I still like puppies! :-) I don't own one! But I like them!...Actually so does he. Puppies!...Toothless puppies!!! :-)) 


      In the meantime I'll be the only thing getting petted around here! Woof! Woof! ^_^


      Those Pomeranians are cuties though, aren't they?! :-] ... Have a good rest of the day Y'all!...And be careful of "BEWARE" signs...even if somebody whispers them!! LOL

When My Hubby Was A Boy

He had an orange bicycle
that he rode all over town;
A banana-seated 'Stingray',
and its handle grips were brown.

At 12, to make some cash,
he had a great big paper route.
He'd either walk or ride his bike.
Come rain or shine, he would go out.

He had a fast, red wagon
he pretended was a car.
He hauled everything in sight,
from sister's dolls to dirt-filled jars.

He played little league football,
basketball, kick soccer too.
Despite his having asthma
(which his coaches never knew).

He had lots of toys to play with-
matchbox cars and small 'Hot Wheels',
'Pick-up Sticks' and building blocks,
and model planes, which gave him thrills.

All his responsibility
was to take his doggie out to run.
That's all his dog and him would do.
This made his childhood lots of fun!

Now he's older, likes to stroll,
and grow his garden in the yard;
Doesn't hanker for his boyhood.
Doesn't wanna play that hard!

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