Friday, June 13, 2014

Have You Ever Done This?!

      Since it's my 'Virtual Friday' date day with my hubby, I thought I'd just keep it kinda light here until I have to go and get packed for my trip. I thought I could just do a little chatting! ^_^ And since you and I are just chatting, I thought I'd chat about a few things that I've done lately, and see if I'm the only 'nutty girl' around here! LOL
      Of course, none of my 'nuttiness' has anything to do with those cute shoes in the header photo. I shared the cute shoes because....because.....because it's my 'Virtual Friday' date day!...and I wanted to!...So there!! ^_^ 

      But on the subject of 'have you ever done this', let me ask you...have you ever bought an anniversary gift for your husband?!...Okay, that was a dumb question. :-)) I'm sure all of you have probably bought anniversary gifts for your spouses! :-)
     So here's the real question: Have you ever bought an anniversary gift for your spouse and then completely forgot you bought it?! O_O ...Case in point!...

      ...Say hello to what I just found in the bottom of a stored bin in the back of my closet!! :-O ...

      It's an NFL football blanket!!!...A very soft, cuddle-under-it-for-the-football-game blanket! O_O Apparently I bought it a while ago, before one of our many anniversaries,...I'm talking YEARS ago!!... and then proceeded to hide it...from myself!! LOL
      Here's the funny part: I only have a vague recollection of buying it...but I distinctly remember the anxiety I had over trying to hide it from him, so that he'd be surprised on our anniversary! LOL Now I don't even remember if I bought him another gift, or if we went somewhere, or if friends invited us somewhere...or WHAT happened! O_O It has completely slipped my mind!!!! ^_^
      The only thing I remember is that his team was...and still is...the St Louis Rams! :-) And that's what made me remember that I had bought this for him!! LOL On the flip side of the blanket is the name 'St Louis Rams, with their logo and everything!!...*shaking my head* ^_^ ...

      The blanket was sealed in plastic packaging, all neatly folded, and tucked under an old dress and an extra guest blanket! Ha! Ha! It had never been opened!! ^_^ But you should've seen the big smile on hubby's face when he asked me what it was! :-) We had been looking for my lost pair of red Levi's, and instead found a gift for him!! ^_^
      I'm still not sure he's convinced it wasn't a 'plant'! in, 'you planted that there for me to find it, didn't you?!' Ha! Ha! I assured him, and I assure YOU, it was not a plant!! In fact, I 'wish' my planting skills were that good!! Maybe then I would be able to plant something somewhere for our upcoming anniversary! Blink! Blink!! O_O
      Why couldn't I have found this blanket this coming July!! Ha! Ha! It could've saved me some thinking cells, and some money!! ^_^ Oh Well, just think of the fun he'll have between now and then anticipating the hunt he's gonna have to do!!! LOL And if he doesn't find an anniversary gift planted somewhere.....I  may still have 'cred'!! LOL
     At any rate, it's a great 'virtual date day' already!! ^_^ Now I have to go and pack! ♥ See you later!! ^_^

All With You!

If money could take me anywhere,
where would I go? What would I do?
I could walk down sandy beaches
as long as it's done with you?

I could paint on the French Riviera,
and on the cliffs of Dover too.
I could dance to the wee wee hours.
As long as it's done with you.

I could write my first true novel,
with every where, when, what or who.
And if well received...or not,
I'd be fine as long as I'm with you.

I could travel to Hawaii,
and ride horseback through the crystal blue.
I could hula and eat, and hula some more,
as long as it's done with you.

I could make a lot of friend's lives better,
pay their bills and buy them something new.
But it wouldn't be nearly as much fun
as spending all my time with you!

So if money could take me anywhere,
what would I want to see and do?
Exactly what I see and do right now,
because I get to do it all with you!


  1. What a sweet story-- I've done similar things at Christmas time-- now I make lists of things I've bought in advance!

    Thanks always for taking the time to visit me-- you are so special to me:)

    1. I guess I'm not alone then, huh?! ^_^ But, actually, it was kinda nice finding something that I didn't even know was lost! Ha! Ha! Nice for hubby, I mean! It just reminded me how absent-minded I can be!! ^_^ Have a nice week, Vickie. :-)


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