Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Day Was Up!...And Then It Took A Nose Dive!

      Before I explain the blog title, I wanna tell you that this is gonna be a really quick post, and I wanna show you these cute items I found in the Etsy activity feed earlier today!...Watermelon baby socks (above)!...A clock face ring (below)!...

      ...and the cutest diamond flower ring I've ever seen below)!! :-) ...

      And, Oh yeah, I also wanna show you the other crochet beaded brooch I listed in my Wuglyees shop today..., about the blog title!...This was a great day!...almost ALL day it was a great day! O_O I watched some tennis...great!...I watched some soccer...great!...I studied for my meeting tonight...fabulous!...I got a sale in my shop!...SUPERB!!! :-)
      In fact, the sale was of my large black and maroon crochet shawl!...

       ...One of the most expensive items I sell in my shop!...And WOW! I sure needed that!! :-)

      Great, right?!.....RIGHT!! :-) ...But less than an hour later... :-( ...Bad news!!!...VERY bad news!...I found out that one of my dear friends had a heart attack!!! :-( ...*sigh*...Smile-worthy?...NO!!!...Finding something to smile about tonight is gonna be hard work!!  ;-( But you know me...I'll find SOMETHING!!!...Wait!...I just smiled at my hubby...He brought me a bag of nacho cheese doritos!  ;-) For's a start!! ^_^ Goodnight, Y'all!

Just When You Think...

Just when you think you've got it bad
you see that someone's got it worse!
You complain: "My aches and pains...",
but see that some folks need a nurse!

Just when the weather's got you mad
and the snow's too deep to run,
you see the melting everywhere...
And look again!...and there's the sun!

Just when you think: "I'll just move on,
and find something else to do",
there's another blog post finished...
and another poem too! :-]


  1. Love your blog. Thanks for posting my diamond flower ring.

  2. How nice of you to stop by and let me know! :-] I appreciate it very much!...And the pleasure was all mine, sharing your cute ring!! ♥ Come by again!

  3. Deb, Happy to hear about your sale but sad to hear about your friend. Hugs.

    1. Thanks, Velma! :-] You always stop by with encouragement for my news...good or bad. And I hope that my visits with you are encouraging also! :-) I try!!...Have a good weekend!! ♥


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