Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Pause.............For Basketball! :-)


      Forgive me, blog readers. It's been a long day, and all I can do now that I'm awake after a very...very...long nap is get ready to watch some basketball!! ^_^ And I know, I know!...any of you not living in the U.S. will even know who these two teams are!...but it's the NBA finals, Baby!!!... ^_^ ... and the French Open tennis tournament is a whole day of a distant memory away!! LOL
      I do have one other thing to share with you before I go though!...I made a new listing in my wuglyees shop! :-) ...




      I bundled two of my crochet necklaces together!...In other words, you can now get TWO necklaces at the same time! ^_^ PLEASE...somebody get excited about this besides me!! LOL


      Unfortunately, my bundling efforts still haven't brought any traffic to my shop. :-( I may have to give up trying to make it financially feasible for now. I just got a notice that my business license fee is soon gonna be due...it's $100 I can't afford to spend right now!! O_O Especially since I'm not selling anything!!
      Oh well!...I still have basketball! ^_^ Thank you, NBA!! ♥ See ya later, Everybody!!

Do You Play?!

I had some 'Play Time' in my youth,
back when my hips could take the heat.
I couldn't wait to find someone
that I could race, chase down, or beat!

How many times did I 'Hopscotch',
play some marbles, skip a rock?
And a game of 'Tag' could go
until you couldn't see the clock!

All my games were very active.
So much energy, people! WOW?!
But things have changed. It's different,
because I'm so much older now!

I still have 'Play Time' at my age,
but the games are slow and rare.
I like board games, playing cards,
things you do right from your chair.

The games I watch can't be too long.
I'll fall asleep! I'm kind of nod-dy.
And I have to use my mind.
No running round now with this body.

I play with things like yarn,
and with hooks...even thread.
And I play with pen and pencil,
pulling poems from my head.

Whichever way, I have to play!
It's my excuse to have a laugh.
I just have to keep it slow.
Don't want a charlie-horse in my calf!      

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