Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sometimes It's Simply Black And White!

      When you wake up in the morning expecting to see light 'breaking through yon window', and instead see engulfing darkness, your brain has to go into 'simulated-positive' mode 'quick, fast, and in a hurry!' ^_^ And that's what I did...with assistance of course! :-)
      Assistance from Etsy...when I did my usual scroll through the activity feed! :-) That's always good for some positivity!...especially when I find photos like the one in my header photo! :-) What a great print!!
      And why was it such a great find?!...Because I was already watching the TCM (Turner Classics Movies) channel, looking for an old movie to keep me company as the thick clouds and rain followed the darkness...."Sun, where art thou?!" LOL
      To my great surprise, and great fortune...because now I could 'kill two birds with one stone'...O_O...Of course I wouldn't 'literally' do that! I love my little birdies too much!....Uhhhh...where was I?! O_O ...As I was saying, TCM was showcasing a big band, playing a list of wonderful old songs!!! :-)

      I was mesmerized! :-) And I was now in such a good mood that it didn't matter what the weather was doing outside!...except for an occasional 'ouchy!'...after all, even if I couldn't see it, my body still made sure to let me know it was raining! ^_^
      If you haven't clicked on the Youtube video of Benny Goodman (above) yet, click it now, and wander through the photos below...Sing, Sing, Sing, Benny Goodman! ^_^ ...The photos below are ones I took of my television while the music was playing. :-) ...

       I only stopped taking pictures of the screen for a little while, while I did two of the things that make for a good day, or for a good date for that matter!...I was eating something good...cheesy cheddar-wurst and grits...and listening to something wonderful. ^_^

      And yes, there was a little dancing too! ^_^

      Oh, I just love black and white films...and black and white films with good music in them! ^_^

      In case you're wondering...yes,  it's still raining! :-) And yes, I'm still in a good mood!! ♥ See ya tomorrow!...Who knows what state I'll be in then!! LOL Have a good day, Everybody!!


Why do we get nostalgic
for the places of our past?
For the music and the people
who were in our high school class?

Why do we get nostalgic
for the foods we used to eat?
Like your mom's banana pudding,
boiled pig ears and chicken feet?

Why do we get nostalgic
for old bikes we once rode on?
And for buying penny candy
at a time thats long since gone?

Why do we get nostalgic
for long conversations had
when our cousins used to visit
(That was, till we all got mad)?!

Why do we get nostalgic?
Frankly, I'm sure I don't  know,
'cuz I sat and wrote a poem
like a true nostalgia pro!

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