Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Guess What's 'TRENDING' Right Now?!


      I hope everybody is having a happy Tuesday...or Monday...or Wednesday (depending on where you live in the world! ^_^). I'm having a pretty good day! The sun is shining....in other words, no rain! YAY! ^_^ ...The hummingbirds are zipping back and forth, and the French Open is in full swing on week two, with my 'baby boy', Rafael Nadal still in it! ^_^
      There's nothing else going on around my neck of the woods. Certainly not in my Wuglyees shop...unfortunately! O_O I haven't sold a single solitary thing for almost two weeks!! O_O It's starting to worry me...seriously!...That's why I decided to check out Etsy's 'Trending' section...to see if I'm waaaay off base with my little boutonniere flowers and crocheted stuff. O_O
      What I found was lots of cool items! Take a look!!...


      The above necklace is the one that's in the header photo also. Soooo cute!...the little girl, and the necklace! ^_^ I love that the little house is also a locket that you can open and write a personalized message in! :-]

      Also trending is this unique clutch bag!...


      I love the way you hold onto it! :-)

      And how about these items!...





      All very cute, and very useful too! :-) But, as you see, there's no boutonnieres, lapel pins, or nothing crocheted in this list! O_O Does that mean that my little crochet flower creations have missed their time in the sun?....or that their time in the sun hasn't arrived yet?! O_O I don't know...but I just had to find some flowers 'trending' somewhere!!!...And I did!! :-) ...



       Oh Yes! If there's a flower 'trending' somewhere...leave it to me to find it!! LOL

      What I hope is that if these flowered items are trending now, there's a chance that my flower boutonnieres will be trending soon too!! :-) ... Frankly, let me be completely honest, I don't care if they start trending! I just want them to start selling!! LOL I'm gonna forget how to package my items if I don't get some practice soon! ^_^ So come on over to Wuglyees and check out my shop, will ya! 
     And here's a deal for anyone reading my blog today...If you buy more than $50.00 worth of items...wherever you live in the world...I'll give you FREE SHIPPING, and I'll send you a FREE GIFT! :-) Just write: POETESSWUG DEAL in the 'message to seller, at checkout. The deal will be good for the month of June.
      Okay...That's all I got for today. My nap...with one eye open to the tennis matches...is 'trending'! LOL Have a good rest of the day, Everybody! ♥


I'm terribly distracted.
Watching tennis all the time,
I don't even wanna talk.
And it's a struggle writing rhyme.

And I'm wonderfully distracted.
Doing what I love to do.
Whoop and holler at the T.V.,
while I blog a bit for you.

I'm sorry I'm distracted.
And I hope you will forgive
that my mind can not be wrangled.
All my thoughts are in the sieve.

What I'll try to do tomorrow...
which I clearly can't do now...
is to give my full attention
to those who will not get it now!


  1. I'm sorry it's so slow in your shop. Its extremely slow in my shop too! Hopefully it'll pick up soon. :/

  2. I'm sorry too, Bead! ^_^ And I hope you're right!!!


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