Monday, June 16, 2014

Is There Anything Besides FOOD On My Mind?!

      The answer to the question that titled my blog today is....NO! :-)) The ONLY thing that's been on my mind since my eyes opened this morning is FOOD!!...Yes! It's one of 'THOSE' kind of days! ^_^
      It may have been because of the dozen and a half, or so, eggs hubby brought home from his 'chicken-sitting' over the weekend. LOL I had a dream about an omelet last night!...ham and cheese, with broccoli and tomatoes in it! YUM! :-)
      And thus starting my taste buds on an all day tear! :-)) Before I go any further though, let me give big thanks to all of the wonderful Etsy shops with all of the wonderful food items that I'll be sharing today! ♥ If I had the money I would've bought one or two of everything I'm sharing!! :-) Since I don't have the money, I'll show them so that someone who 'does' have the money can come and swoop them up! :-)

      It's amazing how hormonal cravings can take over your brain! O_O The only good thing for me is that I don't have a lot of money, and I don't already have a lot of crave-type food in the house! ^_^ So, craving them is better than eating them, right?!...But here comes the 'wordy-snap-shot' into my mind! LOL ...
      I LOVE sausage!!! I'm talking 'can-eat-it-every-day-for-every-single-meal' type of love!! :-) ...

      My very, very favorite sausage used to be 'Parks' rope sausage! YUM!...I almost cried the day we found out that 'Parks' was no longer in business! ;'_'; The only sausage that has even come close since then is Hillshire Farms breakfast links....I sure wish I could afford to get some of those delicious looking sausages from the above shop!!...purely for experimental purposes, of course!...Wink! Wink! ^_^

       When it comes to donuts, I'm very particular about which ones I like...and where I like to get them from! I LOVE 'Dunkin Donuts' donuts...and coffee...but we're talking donuts here! ^_^ I love the glazed, the Boston Cream, and the apple-filled. YUM!

       I'll eat almost ANY donut! LOL But if I have a choice....! :-)) I'm not a fan of really thick donuts... fully chocolate, jelly-filled, or old-fashioned. O_O I like for the donut to melt away in my mouth, rather than having to drink something quick, and gulp when I swallow it!! LOL

       My food choices aren't always bad for me though! No! I also love 'certain' vegetables!...

      I have to admit though that I'm not the biggest fan of raw vegetables, except when they're in a delicious bite-size small pieces! I hate getting salad dressing all over my face just trying to fold some big piece of lettuce or broccoli in half in order to be able to eat it!!...And just to add...I usually prefer only bleu cheese dressing too...on the side, so I can dip my vegetables slightly in it, or pour just a little over it and mix. I do not like DROWNED salad!! LOL

       Now, let's talk popcorn! :-) I have eaten a LOT of popcorn in my life, only to get in my fifties and prefer to eat only one brand...'Act II', the natural, microwaveable, one! :-)) ... That's the one I like when I'm not pulling out the pot and cover and making my own from 'Reddenbacher' kernels I mean! :-) ... And I like it in a cute box too!...

      But...fresh and newly-popped trumps micro-wave every time!! ^_^ If I bite into it and it crunches....GREAT! :-) If I bite into it and it springs back as if it's packing peanuts....NOT GREAT!! LOL

       Then there's cake! :-) Can anyone be finicky about cake?!....Answer? YES! :-)) I don't eat it often, but when I do I like chocolate...and chocolate with chocolate glaze! :-) ...

      Having chocolate flavored lip balm (above) would certainly be a less caloric option for me! ^_^ ... Just some particulars about cake: I don't like foamy-type frosting, or cake that looks great, but doesn't taste good! Grrrr! Give me an ugly cake that knocks your taste-socks off any time!! LOL..And uhhhh...that would not include fruit cake or pecan cake! O_O I'm not a fan!

      And while I'm talking about chocolate...which I've done on this blog many, MANY times!...I also love chocolate candy. :-) And if you can buy a chocolate candy that has chocolate brownie, or chocolate cake, in the middle.....YUM! :-) ...

      To date, no candy has replaced 'Russell Stover' chewy, nutty, crunchy!...*drooling*...Although I do love M&M's with almonds, Mounds, and Snickers too. ^_^ 

      MOVING ON!! :-) ... I'm not a fan of all foods...even though I'll eat almost anything in a pinch!...except for things I'm allergic peach fuzz, and anything with Monosodium glutamate (MSG)...Given the choice I will usually pass on sushi and bread. They don't agree with me all the time. In fact, so much so that I even do peanut butter and jelly on a spoon, with no bread! YAY for 'Smucker's Goober' (the peanut butter and jelly swirl in a jar! ^_^

     Here's a good thing about my food choices. Or rather my drink choices. :-] I prefer water to almost anything!...

      In fact, I seldom, if ever, drink soda or anything else. Lately however, I have been drinking about a half a glass of orange juice every day...for potassium...per my doctor's orders! :-] I'm having a little problem with low potassium, so I'm eating either a banana or having orange juice every day as a supplement.

       Speaking of bananas, and fruit. I love fruit (especially nectarines, plums, and Granny Smith apples)!...

      Truth be told, I'd be happier eating just about any OTHER fruit every day besides bananas! I'm not a fan of the texture of them...except when they're in banana bread!...Yes! That's a bread I'll eat without a problem! LOL

      Pies?...Bring 'em on!!...ANY KIND...especially sweet potato pie, and with exception to  pecan pie! Pecan pie is too sweet, and too dense for me. ^_^ Why do I love them so much?!...I think it's a childhood thing. I grew up surrounded by fruit! (blackberries, plums, apples, figs, watermelon, etc...) Such is the life of a southern girl! :-) ...

       My mother used to make the best peach cobbler's ever!! YUM! I STILL...after all these years...cannot duplicate her peach cobbler! Nor have I ever seen anyone else do it!...It's okay though. There's LOTS of other pies out there to buy or make myself! ^_^

      Now we're getting to the good stuff! My true craving today...chocolate chip cookies!...My cookie of choice so far...'Chip Ahoy'...and my own homemade peanut butter, coconut, chocolate chip cookies of course! ^_^ I sure would like to try these though!!!...

      A few hot and gooey chocolate chip cookies, and a couple of scoops of ice cream...'Ben & Jerry's' or 'Friendly's'...and I would be ALL SET!! ^_^ ...

      I would also be taking a nap somewhere with my tongue hanging out of my mouth probably! LOL Soooooo...maybe it's just as well I don't have any! ^_^

      Rounding out this post, you'll notice that I didn't mention Potatoes...YUM!...or fried chicken, white meat only...YUM!...I didn't mention them because I didn't think it was necessary. :-)) What life hold without some kind of potato and some kind of chicken?! ^_^

      Speaking of chicken brings me right back to eggs! ^_^ ...

      Thanks to my hubby's 'chicken-sitting', I 'do' have eggs in the house! :-)) I guess I'll really have what I was dreaming omelet! LOL I'm too full for anything else right now anyway!! LOL...By the way, tomorrow I have to tell you my hubby's dog story...*shaking my head*...See you then! ^_^

Fast Food!

Tasty, salty, satisfying.
Bloating, coating stomach lining.

Greasy, cheesy, burger grinder.
Gassy, thick, intestine finder.

Crispy, long, french fries a-plenty.
Chocolate, peppermint, green and minty.

Salads; veggie, seafood, chicken.
Fried and floured, finger lickin'.

Hoagies, subs, and roast beef stew.
Catfish, dash of hot sauce too.

Pizza, mushroom, peppers, tomatoe.
Apple fries instead of potato.

Catch-up, mustard, condiments.
Onion rings? I'm on the fence.

Frosty, frothy, milk shake sip.
Coffee Coolata, donut, dipped.

No matter if it's hot or chilled.
Definitely a happy meal.


  1. It's almost dinner time and we're having chicken! Ha! You've made me very hungry after reading this post! I used to be a candy girl at the movie theater when I was just a teeny bopper and I got my fill of popcorn, but I still love it! I'm not a fan of cake but I do like frosting! (Makes it a bit messy to eat!) Hope all your cravings get satisfied today!

    1. Ha! Ha!...You can never go wrong with chicken, can you?! ^_^ The other things...maybe! LOL

  2. Ha ha ha!!! You ARE having one of those days, aren't you? I also love most everything you mentioned. But I have to admit, bananas are my favorite fruit. I love the texture. Good thing I already had supper. But I do think I may have gained 5 pounds drooling over your photos. Thanks.... :) Enjoy your evening.

    1. Yes, was a full-on hormonal blow-out!!! ^_^ I think I'm over it this morning though, and I only had to suffer with a bag of M&Ms with almonds!! LOL


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