Monday, September 15, 2014

Chocolate...Hat! :-)

      Sooooo...what's new with you?! ^_^ Clearly, there's not much new with me...except hat after hat after hat!! LOL And considering the week I had last week, hat after hat after hat sounds like a whopping good time!...TRUST ME!! ^_^

      My new schedule with the PCA (personal care assistant) is working great! I feel more organized and more productive these days. I was even able to go through my closet and gather all of my scarves and shawls for washing today! :-) I know. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was one of those things where I kept saying: "I have to do that!"...and somehow five years went by and it never got done!! :-))

     But now it's done! :-) ... And uhhhhh...who knew I had that many clothing accessories?!! O_O I could've started my own colorful shawl and scarf shop!! :-]

      My shawl and scarf shop will have to wait it's turn though. First I have to open up a button, shoe, old jewelry, and hat shop! LOL

      Speaking of hats... ^_^ ...This is the new chocolate brown hat I finished last night! :-) ...

      And, lo and behold, is that one of my buttons on the side?!.....Why yes it is!! :-)) Now only a million and a half buttons left to use!! ^_^ ...

      And yes...those are a pair of my earrings that Shequita is wearing! ^_^ She spent half of yesterday bald. I figured it was time for her to 'feel like a woman'!! LOL 

      This morning, early, I started another hat! ^_^ I'm making it with some Caron Simply Soft paints yarn. New to me!...

      I don't know how the hat will look in the end. I couldn't visualize it in a hat. I immediately 'could' see it in a scarf though!...So.....stay tuned! We'll all see it together! :-)))

      In the meantime...back to the hat-making business!! Go, Wuglyees!! :-) Have a good week, everybody!! ♥


A snow storm on the way,
finding out you're hard in debt.
Somehow it's not so bad,
if you have melted chocolate!

Bad news everywhere,
want to throw your T.V. set.
Thankfully there is music
and some deep dark chocolate!

Doggie had an accident,
a long trip to the vet.
A waiting room with lots to read,
but you can nibble chocolate.

Grocery shopping too.
While you run in there to get
dinner for the evening
you can grab some chocolate!

Okay, you know what's coming.
Are you sick of this poem yet?!
If you are, just roll your eyes,
and sit and eat some chocolate!

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