Thursday, September 18, 2014

Is It Too Early In The Morning To Talk?!

      It probably is. Too early to talk, I mean. But.....yep! I'm gonna do it anyway! ^_^ But nothing major. I just missed yesterday's post and I'm feeling 'missed day yappy'! LOL Bare with me.
      Look in the photos and say 'Hello!' to my latest hat! ^_^ It's the same pattern as the last few flip-up hats I've done, but I did this one with a new yarn. A new yarn 'for me', that is. I never used 'Caron Simply Soft Paints' version yarn. This particular color, peacock feather, is my favorite so far...Of course it's the other one I've used so far, so that could be why! ^_^

      It has hints of blue, green, and purple in it. Like a peacock...DUH! LOL...And yes, I know that the blue is showing most in my photos! ^_^ Shall I say it again?...I am a crocheter. NOT a photographer!! LOL

      I made the flip up part a little different this time. I crocheted a button hole into the brim, and put two buttons, one over the other, onto the side of the hat. It was an experiment to see if the flip works at two different angles...And it does! :-)

      This yarn seems more 'springy' than the regular Simply Soft yarn I use though. It makes the flip of the hat not want to flip. It wants to 'roll'! :-))

      Whatever! ^_^ It's still very soft, and looks as cute as can be! I know a few friends who would 'love' this little 'head-covering' for their field service bags!! ^_^

      I have other random stuff to talk about, have you ever tried potato soup with cheddar cheese and crunched up potato chips on the top?!....No?! O_O Well, I'm not surprised!! :-)) I made it up for myself the other day when nothing else would stay down in my stomach! ^_^ It was a potato soup sipping good time!! LOL...But now I'm craving it like a woman with a 'crack' habit or something!! ^_^ (And before you ask, NO! I never have had a 'crack' habit! :-)) I have had random relationships with 'crack' users though!....DON'T ASK!!...So I know from whence I speak!! LOL)

      My husband paid me a nice complement this morning...or at least I 'think' it was a complement. O_O He said that the world inside my head was 'fun and whimsical' at times, and he enjoys my writing!...I was flattered and thankful he didn't ask me what I thought about the world inside 'his' head!! LOL That's a whole roller coaster ride going on inside that head!! ^_^ Good thing I love roller coasters!

       The last thing I wanna talk about this morning is the 'love' project I'm working on in between making hats! And I almost teared up just typing that!! O_O The reason is because what I'm doing is finishing some projects that my dear friend sent to me before she passed away.
      There are a couple of afghans with finished blocks needing to be sewn on, and a knitted sweater that needs a zipper attached. Or, at least, that's what 'I' think it needs. She didn't give me any instructions on how to finish anything, but she knew that I would step right into her love of crafting, and finish what she had started. ;'_'; And I will too!!
      Yesterday I sewed the last crochet strip of this afghan on, and also sewed in all of the loose threads...

      It's off-white, with navy blue sections. The navy blue also had flecks of red and other colors in it too. SOFT!!...and FINISHED! :-] I'm not gonna sell it. It's the kind of afghan you give to someone you love.....I'm gonna really have to love the person I give it to! My Nancy's heart is in it!! ♥

      I was gonna try to finish this afghan too!...

      ...but her and I had completely different crocheting styles...

      ...and you'd be able to see where her afghan stopped and mine began! O_O ...

      I didn't want that! I decided to just sew the remaining blocks she left together, and crochet a border around them...

      Now I have to decide whether to put tassels on it and have it be a scarf, or use it as a small table runner, or....or.....I don't know what. O_O I'm open to ideas if you have any.

      In the meantime, I have a couple bags of her yarn to turn into something too! And there's all kinds of colors! :-) I'm sure there's some 'wuglyee' things in there somewhere!! :-) ... Okay. Time to go hunt up some breakfast...And yes, I did just think about the soup again!! LOL I wonder if there's a potato soup, cheese and potato chip hot line I can call?! LOL Have a good day, Everybody! ♥

Decisions, Decisions

What should I do?
Don't know if I should go.
What should I wear?
I don't know, I don't know!

What should I say?
Don't need another foe.
Should I tell the truth?
I don't know, I don't know!

Which course should I choose?
The high road, or the low?
Will we be okay no matter?
I think so. I do think so!

Who should I be?
My peppy self or keep it low?
But can they handle it?
I don't know, I don't know!

Do I choose bright red,
or is blue the way to go?
I know there should be color,
but I don't know, I don't know!

Decisions, decisions.
Coming at you every day.
You will be just fine!
Come what may, come what may!


  1. Deb, love the hat. Beautiful finishing work on the one afghan. To bad there were not enough squares to make an afghan. It would have been gorgeous. Hugs

    1. Thanks, Velma! :-] And I agree about the afghan. Maybe one day I'll do the whole afghan in my own hand...just so that I can see what it would look like. :-) Have a good rest of the weekend!!


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