Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Brain Is Blog-Flat-lining'! :-))


      I think I'm losing my enthusiasm for blogging! O_O Well...clearly that's not a definite conclusion, because here I am! And what am I doing?....blogging! LOL But somewhere deep down I can feel that blogging has lost some of it's spark for me!
      Maybe it's just a seasonal thing and the spark will come back in a few days. I don't know. But for whatever reason I find myself dreading the thought of trying to figure out what I'm gonna say here! O_O
      I think I know what the real problem is. The real problem is that I have sooooooo much I wanna talk about, but I can't!! Ugh! The things that are going on in my life right now are generating a lot of talk, but not the kind of talk you talk to strangers...or unfamiliar bloggers...about! I mean, I know some of you, but I don't KNOW you...if you know what I mean. ^_^
      So, since I can't talk to you about.....Uhhhh.....and I can't talk to you about......hmmmmm...that leaves talking to you about cute Etsy items.....



      ...and the things I'm crocheting! ^_^

      I'm just about to start a few more hats, but in the meantime I'm making squares for a children's 'granny square' blanket! :-]

      It's gonna be pretty colorful...as you can see! ^_^

      Until my 'blogger-funk' goes away I guess 'll just have to come by and say.....SOMETHING!....whenever the mood hits me......I guess! O_O Or share some music, or just sigh. You know....normal stuff! ^_^
      When I'm not here I'll be home crocheting, eating, exercising, watching old television shows, singing, bed-dancing, planning, and who knows what all else! :-)) And I suppose I should also add that I'll also be on Facebook, chatting with my new-found family! Some family members are organizing our family tree. It's sooooooo interesting the things you thought you knew, but didn't! And the things you only suspected that you knew about your family, but you were right!! ^_^ It's certainly making for some smile-worthy days...even if they aren't days here on the blog! ^_^
      If you have some ideas about stuff you want me to talk about, please let me know!! The only things I put in my 'blog-content-file' were these two things I saw in the news:

      --- The female tennis player, Li Na, has officially announced her retirement from tennis....AND...
      --- A man was set free on bail after being arrested and charged with driving under the influence four times in less than 48 hours!!!

       Both stories are true, but only one of them is clearly about to lose their mind. You guess which!! LOL

      Okay...I'm off to find something else to smile about! :-) I suppose I should check my brain scan monitor first, to make sure the line is still jumping!! ^_^

My Brain, My Brain

My brain, my brain just does
what it wants and when it wants!
Some days, all of the positives
is what it flips and flaunts.

It triggers really fast,
and all my brain cells start to meet.
It stores all kinds of things,
and it just runs long, without feet!

It fires happiness,
is organized, remembers well.
But then that "Bing!" will come
as if someone just hit a bell.

It slows and starts to ponder.
And what it ponders isn't good!
Those days it might as well
be just a solid block of wood.

Can't remember what to do,
or worse, what it already did;
Thoughts are scattered everywhere
and all my memories are hid.

Yes, my brain, my brain just does
what it wants and how it wants!
My job is staying with it,
and responding when it taunts.


  1. Deb I miss not reading your blog every day. You know you can talk to us about anything. We don't judge we read and say a little prayer. I hope that you get out of your funk soon. Hugs

    1. Awwwww...thank you so much, Vel!! I'll try my best, now that I know that, to be more conscious about writing then!! Truthfully, I didn't think that many people were reading it anymore anyway!...I'll just have to find 'OTHER' stuff to blog about!! :-] I appreciate your taking the time to post!! ♥

  2. Dear Deb, my blogging enthusiasm had waned over the summer and is now returning with cooler temperatures (you remember how hot and humid it can get in Georgia!). I do understand you not being able to blog about all that's going on. I often will compose a blog post in my mind and then decide it's not meant for public consumption. I do hope you'll continue!! xoxo Silke

    1. Hi Silke!...Yes, I remember quite well those Georgia summers! PHEW!! ^_^ I don't think my blog lapse is weather related though. I just seem to have moved 'doing stuff' in front of 'talking about stuff'!...at least talking about stuff here on the blog! ^_^ But I'm sure that this too shall pass! LOL


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