Sunday, September 7, 2014

Is This Weather The Last Push Of The Season?!

     The weather today was just beautiful!!! Sun...not much rain...and no thunderstorms on the horizon! :-] It almost could've been perfect, except for the fact that there also were no hummingbirds at the feeder, and the 'weeds' decided they wanted to grow like crazy today!!!...

     Well...maybe they didn't all grow today, but it hasn't been more than a week! They just shot up from the grown, got higher than the hanging feeder, and started sprouting white and yellow flowers! The white ones (dandelion puffs I call them! ^_^) got caught by the wind yesterday and started blowing all over the backyard!!

     They're actually very pretty, but only from inside!! ^_^ I'd be an achooing mess if I was out THERE!!! LOL

     Some air was made to be seen and not inhaled! ^_^ That's my story and I'm sticking with it!! :-))

     I'm thankful for the beauty of nature these days. I'm trying to process some pretty heady news I got a few days ago. No matter how much I try to compartmentalize keeps coming back to the forefront of my mind, trying to distract me away from my smiles. But...even though it's really not good news I'm trying to process and put in it's mental place...I will find things to smile about though...because I must!!
     One of my smiles was this fun hat...

     I finally finished it and listed it in my Wuglyees shop HERE! :-)

     I took some pictures with Shequita (my head model) wearing it, but I sewed the flower on it, and added the drawstring to it, afterward! :-] ...

     And in case anybody is wondering, it's not real fur! It's called 'fun fur' and it's 100% polyester. :-] It's washable and dryable, just like the yarn! I think it's a pretty fun combination! :-)
     By the way, I finished an autumn red hat too! Not this same design though. It's my flip up hat. Hopefully I'll get some photos of it tomorrow...maybe! In the meantime I'm crocheting two more flip up hats right the same time! ^_^ I'm alternating between them. :-)) They won't be done for a couple of days though.
     In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not online as much these days. I'm spending a lot more time crocheting. I'm trying to get some product built up for a big Fall season. I'm gonna be focusing more on my hats and 'Ugly Wuglyee' scarves. It's TIME!! ^_^
     I'm also gonna be getting rid of my 'Free Shipping' mid-September. I hear that the post office is upping their prices again! Ugh! I can't compete if I don't add the shipping prices back...Sooooo if you're interested in anything from my shop (those of you in the U.S.) now would be the time to get it...before the shipping price gets added back to my shop! That 'will' happen on September 16th, 2014!!!
     Enough about me and my shop! What's going on with you guys?!! ^_^

I Wish I Could Wave Off The Time

I wish I could wave off the time
the way you wave off a fly about to land.
Just 'poo poo' appointments I'm dreading
with a flick and a wave of the hand.

If only the time went unnoticed,
like 'extras' on some movie set.
One shot it's as if they were coming,
the next shot they've not gotten there yet.

I'm dreading the phone calls and chatting,
as if time has somehow just stood still.
I wish I could wave off the ticking,
and hours of quiet to fill.

I know soon the day will be over.
The consciousness is in this rhyme.
Still I'm dreading the fact that it's coming,
and I wish I could wave off the time.

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