Thursday, September 4, 2014

Just A Quick "Cutie" Share!

      Besides the cuteness of the baby under that cute crochet fox hat, the baby's expression made my heart melt tonight. Soooooo cute! :-] But if I could show you my face tonight you'd see the same expression...for an entirely different reason. And unfortunately it's not a reason that I can talk about here on the blog!...but I sooooooo wish I could!!
      For now, I'll just have to leave you with the mystery that is 'ME', and ask you to bare with me for a few days while I get my bearings again. Ugh!...This 'life' thing can be really tough sometimes!! It'll make you wanna tear your ears right off!! LOL

      But you don't! ^_^ ... Goodnight Y'all. I need a really big nap, with some smile-able sweet dreams attached!! ♥

How Can You Be So Positive

"How can you be so positive
with everything so bad?
When folks are so unkind
and all those doctors make you mad?"

"It's easy!" I assure them.
'Cuz one thing makes it okay.
I wake up every morning,
and I'm breathing every day!

When I can't move a muscle
and can barely lift my head,
I think of all the folks I've known
who now are gone, yes, dead!

No matter what my problem is,
and if I stand or lay,
I'm thankful that my mind still works
and I'm breathing every day!

So how am I so positive,
When things sometimes seem bleak?
It's easy, 'cuz my breathing
keeps on going every week!

Oh yes, I have a choice!
I can be miserable and whine;
Be mean to folks around me,
Be demanding and unkind.

But who would make that choice,
when there's a better way to be?
I mean, who's breathing every day
and writing poems?...ME!

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