Friday, September 5, 2014

Biscotti, Cantuccini, Or Twice-Baked Cookies, Anyone?! ^_^

      In case you don't recognize the reason for the reference to biscotti in the blog title, here's a clue: today is my hubby and my's 'virtual Friday Date Day'! ^_^ We're heading a long way away the little city of Italy! :-)
      Besides similar weather to us here in Holyoke right now...(79 degrees F, with a chance of rain)...Prato, Italy is bound to be the place for good music and good food on our date tonight! ^_^ As for good food, how could it not be a good place?! I mean...Biscotti originated there!! ^_^ And if you don't know what biscotti is....O_O WHAT?!!!...Just check out this delicious-looking peanut butter and chocolate biscotti recipe that I found on food network (dot) com!! YUM!...And, just so you know, biscotti comes in all kinds of flavors too!! :-)

      Oh Yeah!...before I forget...I included in this blog post the other Etsy treasuries that included items from my wuglyees shop, and a few items from the individual etsy shops themselves....

      That should be the last of mention of Etsy treasuries for a while! ^_^ Unless of course.....! :-)) 

      Just so you know, I'm having a better day today...mentally...than I was having yesterday, even though the reason for my mental lapse hasn't gotten any better!...and it won't for a long, long time...if ever. :-( Some things, once done, are DONE!!! And it's a sad sad state of affairs. :-( But, thanks to my relationship with my God, Jehovah, and my congregation, and tons of good friends, nothing that happens in this life is ever so debilitating that I can't get over it. Jehovah is always a place for me to find something to smile about, because he gives me hope of things getting better....and soon! :-]

       Okay...enough of that kind of talk!! :-) I'm off to do some packing for Italy!! And I'm listening to some music while I do it! ^_^ ... By the way, I don't speak Italian, so if the part of the song that's not in English isn't good song for me to be playing.....somebody TELL A GIRL, will ya?! LOL...Have a good Friday date night, or a good weekend, Everybody!! ♥

I Love A New Experience

I love a new experience!
No matter how it's learned.
A fact that's new to me,
or a new food that I've burned.

A place I've never been,
or a person I've not known.
A book I've never read,
or a gadget on my phone.

A song that's not my norm,
or a craft I've never tried.
A veggie fixed a new way,
whether boiled, sauteed or fried.

I love a new experience!
A new jolt for my old eyes.
To make my life worth living,
and each day a great surprise!

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