Sunday, September 14, 2014

"Smile, Honey! You're Gonna Be On My Blog!!"

     As I mentioned yesterday, I finished hubby's crochet hat! ^_^ He picked out the colors, and the buttons for the side of it! :-) And he loves it! ... I'm missing the brown still, but WHATEVER!! LOL I think it's a pretty cool Fall/Autumn colored hat! :-) 
      Unfortunately, the moment that I picked for taking photos of hubby in the hat didn't fit in with the moment hubby 'wanted' to take photos of the hat! ^_^ He was on his way somewhere, to do something else, and I insisted vehemently insisted...coerced...wrangled...badgered...requested that he let me take a few shots of his new hat first! ^_^

     I told him: "People are gonna think you don't like the hat, Honey!...SMILE!!" ... The above photo was as close as he could muster at the time! LOL

      Oh Well!...I wasn't really after a smile yesterday anyway. I was after some good shots of the hat! :-)) And I got 'em!!! ^_^ ... I'll have to get my smile today!! ^_^

      He's already in a better mood this morning!...It might be the fact that he's looking at my pre-washed hair flying all over my head! :-)) At the moment I look like a 1970's afro-wearing, back-up singer for 'The Supremes' or something!!...but my afro is waaaaay bigger!! LOL...And, even though hubby tried to take photos of my head today.......Uhhhhhhh......NO!!!!!!.....You will not be seeing that smile-worthy moment on this blog!! LOL Hubby's smile is much bigger today though!! ^_^

      Instead, you can smile at these cute earrings I found on Etsy! :-) ...

      I'm off to play some 'Supremes' music and get my hair washed before my meeting. ^_^ Have a good rest of the day, Y'all!! ♥

Go-Go A Dancing

Oh! I remember dancing
late into the night.
Boogying and shaking
up until the morning light!

Nothing like some music
to take your cares away.
And while you're there a-shaking,
there your problems all will lay.

It's a great relief
to be dancing all around.
Smiling as you shimmy
with your 'poundage' going down!

Going to a go-go,
hip a-snapping. Finger too.
If you hear the music
there is nothing else to do!

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