Friday, September 26, 2014

Do You Have Questions About Your Family Tree?!

      Guess What?!.....I found something to talk about! ^_^ And it kinda happened by 'happenstance'. Before I start 'yammering on' though, let me say a big 'Thank You' to the Etsy shops whose items I shared today. As I always say, you can find just about anything to support a conversation on Etsy!! There's so much creative talent in 'dem 'dere shops'!! :-)
       So, as I was saying, I found something, by happenstance, to talk about today! And the 'happenstance' was some family members starting an online group to chronicle our family tree! :-)

      When I was first invited to join the group I was apprehensive. I mean, there's a lot of turbulent water under that tree! LOL I was worried that it was gonna turn into a negative 'bicker fest'!!...But I was wrong! :-)
      As the days have gone by I've noticed that all kinds of family members have stopped by and, in an informative way, shared who they are, who their children and family members are, and who they're related to in the tree! 
      I called myself trying to be funny when I mentioned that my hubby and I have no children, but that we lay claim to a certain crochet stuffed bear who answers to the name 'Baby Wuglyee'! LOL So far no one has made any comments about it!...Hmmmm...maybe that don't get the 'funny' of that!...You don't think they REALLY think I gave birth to a crocheted bear, do you?! O_O

      One of the sweetest things that's starting to happen is that everybody is starting to share photos of themselves and their waaaaay back when!! :-) It's so much fun to see family pictures of people you haven't seen in a  while, and even more, to see and hear the stories of things you never knew about your family! 
      In fact, what it's doing for me is putting some hints of stories that I've heard over the years in their place, and  answering some questions about things I didn't dare ask before!...It's also bringing up many more questions too! Questions even about my own history!!

      I find it interesting that some families have NO secrets. They grow up knowing who they are and where they come from!...Of course I'm talking about inter-family stuff now, because I know where I come from in the BIG PICTURE! I mean, all humankind came from the same two parents after all!! :-) And I thank Jehovah God, for that! :-] If not for that knowledge I might not have had any confidence at all in my family line!! ^_^
      I'll tell you honestly though, I've spent some very thoughtful days over this family tree!!! And I feel sorta like one of Louis Gates Jr.'s celebrity subjects on 'Finding Your Roots' the other night...He said that finding out where he came from 'made his back a little straighter'. :-] I'm feeling that way a bit myself! 
      Hopefully the feeling will continue, and I'll be able to share a bit of who I am now as a grown woman with my new-found family! :-) ... I know I'm gonna be sharing a lot of crochet flowers with them pretty soon!! ^_^
      Speaking of flowers...

      Isn't this a pretty flower ring?! :-) ... What?!.......You knew I couldn't leave here without at least ONE flower somewhere!! LOL...Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! ♥

In The Mirror, I See Me

The lines of history are there,
just like a book upon the shelf;
And they are written so that I see
that I'm no longer just myself.

I did not see it before now-
my mother's hair and brother's teeth,
my sister's honey-colored skin-
They've stolen time, just like a thief.

The mirror's image always was
of me alone-just here and now;
But as I age, and years go by,
I see granddaddy's furrowed brow.

I see my auntie's pug, round nose;
and my uncle's sun-bleached spots.
It is amazing -one-by-one,
the way it all connects the dots.

They have written on the pages
of the book of life I see;
When I look into the mirror
and no longer just see me.

It is a thing I must accept,
instead of fighting who to be.
I just accept my life's reflection,
and I smile at what I see,
when, in the mirror, I see me.


  1. Who doesn’t have questions about their family tree?! The fun part is finding the answers. Those stories are so interesting. Ask your grandparents, parents and other elder relatives next time you get a chance. Everyone should learn about who gave them life. Thanks for featuring my ancestry chart. FreshRetroGallery’s success was established with this design.

    1. It was my pleasure! :-) ... I left you a longer message on Etsy too!

  2. Thanks for featuring my wee picture on your lovely blog.

    1. My pleasure!! :-] I left you an Etsy convo too! ♥


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