Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy September Saturday!

      What I want to say right now is: "And so it begins!"...and I wanna say this about Fall/Autumn!...but actually, September started 13 days ago! So, it isn't the beginning. It's more like the middle of it! LOL It's just that I'm finally feeling it today...via dark skies, impending rain, and pumpkin colors all over everything I look at!! ^_^ Yep! Fall is beginning!!

      The above Etsy treasury by Alicja W. is a confirmation of it! :-] There's Fall/Autumn colors everywhere!! :-) And my tiny crochet necklace (below) fit right in!...

      Actually, the hat I just finished for my hubby would've fit right in too!...

      With a hint of cooler weather in the air, I offered to make hubby a new pull-on hat. I was thinking that I would make it with navy blue, gray, and chocolate brown...BUT I didn't have any brown in the house at the time. (I do now though! ^_^) So I told hubby to pick three colors out of my extensive stash of Caron Simply Soft yarn...

      These are the three colors he came up with...persimmon, country blue, and soft gold...

      They very much have the look of Fall/Autumn colors, don't you think?! ^_^

      As soon as I can get some photos of it...and maybe with my hubby wearing it! ^_^ ...I'll share them with you! :-)

      If I'm being honest, I still wish it had some brown in it! :-)) But hey!...I can always make another one!! LOL ... But first I have to finish the three new ladies hats on my list! :-) Stay Tuned!!...Sorry there isn't anything more interesting to talk about, but you know how it goes! I call it as it lies! :-)) Have a good rest of the weekend, Everybody! ♥

Fall Is The Tree

Fall is the tree,
with its colors all set free
in the orange and red you see,
and the golden leaves in the
honey-colored harmony
of a busy bumble bee.

Its so beautiful that we
don't even have to pay a fee
for the stark tranquility
that just fills our heart with glee.

Fall is the tree,
and it makes us hit our knee,
and thank God so humbly
for the unlocked door and key
to our visual memory.
All the other seasons flee,
but the fall is the tree.


  1. I can't wait to see it with your hubby's head in it! I think the colors are great, but I think, for a man, I would have also thought grays and browns. But he's thinking outside the box and I'll bet he'll look great in it too! PLEASE take a photo of him wearing it!!
    That being IS fall! Sunny here today (you'll get it tomorrow!), but a crispness in the air. Great day for a get-together!
    I love, love, love that cape!! I soooooo want one! I've "liked" it and will continue to admire it! LOL
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! :)

    1. I took those photos especially for you, Cindy!! :-)) And the colors are really cute, I!! :-)) I still think the grays and browns are on the way some time or the other!!...Oh Yeah, I agree about the cape too. I may have to make one of those 'my way' one day soon too!! ^_^ Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! ♥

  2. Sure feels like Fall around these parts..62de in the house this morning! ( I refuse to turn the heat on yet!) I love this time of year and the beauty God gives us. The cape you featured is very pretty...I've never seen one like it. Have a great Sunday and week!

    1. Yep! We have 68 degrees right now, at almost 5' O clock in the afternoon!! I think we can safely say that Fall/Autumn is upon us! ^_^ And, believe it or not, I still have my air conditioner on automatic!! LOL It only comes on when the temperature rises to a certain degree....But I've been fooled before, so I play it safe until I see 30 degrees or 'white stuff'! ;-))))) ... And about the shawl, I love it too! I may have to see if I can make one in that fashion...soon! ^_^ Have a good week, Yaya!


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