Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Hello!...Do You Have Any Rings...And Catfish?" :-))

      Hi! :-) Look at that! Two days in a row I'm posting! Go Figure!! LOL Actually though, you can consider this post 'me keeping my word'. I told you on yesterday's post that I'd stop by to share some cute rings I saw on Etsy. So here I am!! ^_^
      I wanted to share a couple of rings and also this cute mug! :-) ...

      The etsy shop where I saw this mug has some of the cutest little mugs I've ever seen!! ^_^ And they say just the thing 'I be needing to say' too! LOL

      Moving on to the other ring! :-)) ...

      What a mystery why I like this one, right?! :-) The only thing that would make it any cuter would be a duplicate of a crochet pattern!! ^_^

      And that's it! ^_^ Except to say a big 'THANK YOU' to my dear girlfriend who cheered me up BIG TIME today with a catfish and fried okra dinner!! :-) YUM, YUM!!! (In my most expressive 'HEE HAW' voice! ^_^ Does anybody even remember that old show besides me?! lol)

      Say 'Goodbye' Henry!.....

      Just imagine that you heard a 'MEOW!"....and saw a big hand full of catfish waving at ya!! Ha! Ha!

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are for quiet,
and for music in your ears.
Not for fretting over business,
or for struggle, or for tears.

Sunday mornings are for worship,
or for time to just relax.
Not for schedules that need keeping,
or for dealing with the 'Quacks'!

Sunday mornings are for slowness,
sipping on a cup of 'Joe';
Getting ready for the new week,
when you have to 'Go! Go! Go!'

Sunday mornings are for birds,
crows and woodpeckers alike.
Or for pancakes on the griddle,
or for snowy morning hikes.

Sunday mornings are for color,
and for spousal 'chitter chat',
and for doing a bit of reading,
or writing poems that end like.....that! 

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