Friday, September 19, 2014

Here We Come, Weekend!!

      The weather people are saying that the weather is gonna be rain free around here at least until next Monday or Tuesday. That means that we can look forward to a weekend of sunshine and rain-free happiness! ^_^ YAY!...I hope you all have a good weekend weather-wise too!
      Eat something good. Play outside...or inside, for the board-game lovers like me! :-) Sleep your heads off if you feel a long nap coming on. And repeat the whole process both days if you can! ^_^
      My hubby might've been thinking he was gonna just lay around and rest this weekend, but nooooooo! ^_^ We're 'virtually' heading to Thailand tonight! So it'll be lots of packing, and walking, and long plane rides, and jet lag for him...with a lot of good food, music, and dancing in between. :-))

      At least he won't have to be out in the backyard weeding and raking. The yard people have taken care of that today! :-) They even cut down the tree right outside my window....I'm not sure I'm that happy about it now. There's a whole lot of sun coming in the window, and I was kinda used to shade and chirping birds!...But who knows. By the time we get back from Thailand I may be okay with everything! :-))

      So, I'm off!!...YOU all have a good weekend!! Bye! ♥

      Oh Yeah, I have to leave you with some flowers!! ^_^

      There you go!! :-) ... What?!........You need some music too?! :-) ...

      There goes that too! :-) I mean......

Where would we be without music?

Where would we be without music?
Don't answer. I don't want to know!
The thought of no guitar or back beat,
no humming or tapping of toe!

What umph would there be to commercials?
What excitement for games yet to play?!
What missing movie's anticipation
that the  'Dun Dun Dun' would happily say?!

How would new mommies rock their babies,
and calm them to put them to sleep?
Without music the world would be screaming,
but the ocean of silence would be deep.

So, where would we be without music?
In a world with no brain cells to link.
In a big room with nothing to do,
and a bunch of poor folks that don't blink!


  1. Have a fun and safe trip! :)

    1. DONE!!! ^_^ ... And you have a good weekend too, my dear sister!! ♥


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