Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Feel Like Talking...But About What?!

      Howdy!...I'm here to talk! ^_^ There must be something to talk about right?!.....but for the life of me I can't think what that might be! LOL Right now my life is full of a lot of 'same old, same old'. Crocheting, eating, napping, exercising, bathing...incidentals, incidentals :-)) ...watching tennis, blogging, trying to get something sold in my Etsy shop, and music! ^_^
      What is there that's new in that to talk about?...Not much!...other than the same old things I always talk about...with an added hummingbird siting and a leaf turning occasionally brown?! ^_^
      Speaking of brown... :-)) ...this (below) is the brown crochet flower pin that got chosen for the treasury in the header photo!...

      It was keeping some good company with a certain wire-wrapped bracelet! ^_^ ...

      I don't know why my shop is the focus of so many etsy treasuries lately, but I'm not complaining about some traffic to my shop or some extra views! Instead I just wanna let the treasury curators know how much I appreciate the attention. So that's why you keep seeing the treasuries featured here! THANK YOU, CURATORS!! ^_^
      Eventually I'm sure I won't have any more treasuries to show you and I'll be here rambling on at the face like I always do!! LOL...WHAT I'll be rambling on about is anybody's guess!! ^_^ For now, it's about etsy treasuries, and my latest crochet projects.
      Speaking of which...*don't you love it when I say "speaking of which"? LOL...this is what's on my crochet hook right now...

      It's another crochet hat. Not the cowboy style this time. I'm taking a 'one hat' break from the cowboy hat! ^_^ The color of this yarn was calling to me, and I didn't have enough of it for a cowboy hat! :-) The cowboy hat is done with double strands throughout....I already have a color to work on for the cowboy hat as soon as this one is done though! :-)

      Okay, before I go, one more Etsy treasury! :-) ...

      As with all of the other treasuries, if you wanna see all of the items, or visit the shops where they're from, just click on the treasury photo above and 'follow the yellow brick road'...sorta kinda! LOL
      I still have a couple of treasuries left to share. I'll try to do that tomorrow...unless there's something else YOU wanna talk about! ^_^ Just let me know!! ♥ ... Or we can just listen to music, and dance!! :-) ... Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!

A Music Note

A little 'boogie-woogie' bouncing,
and a tapping toe or two,
and my mood is quickly lifting,
and I want to dance with you.

A little harmony and humming,
and some soul and country too,
and I'm feeling pretty chipper.
So "Let's dance!" My poem is through!


  1. Thank you very much! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. :-) It was entirely my pleasure!!


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