Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Musings About The Fall, Crochet, Parks, Owls And Gardens

        It's Monday...whether you want it to be or not! ^_^ I hope you all had a good weekend. I did. Not because there was anything special going on...but because there wasn't anything special going on!! You drama!....Just peaceful....quiet.....nice! :-) Except for the humidity we're having right now...(which is suppose to break by Wednesday...YAY!)'s like the perfect Fall/Autumn season.
       And I guess I'm not the only one feeling that way because I woke up to the nice notices of being in two new treasuries. One having to do with the Fall. The other having to do with a special kind of garden. her Fall-inspired treasury entitled Signs of Fall...
     She also included a scarf from her own shop in there too! Her Lots of Color Crochet Scarf...
          I love the colors she chooses for the items in her personal shop...And I also like the colors of a couple of the things she chose for this particular this 'Encinitas Cotton photo print' by rachelheath...
        Very pretty, right!..."Thanks Natalie!" :-)
     There was also another treasury waiting for me this morning...with a whole different look and theme. This one was curated by happybabyshoes! It's entitled My Owl Garden...
        There's blues and yellows and greens in this one. Happy colors for a Monday, don't you think?! :-) And who doesn't like an owl?! Especially one as cutely made as this Oliver Owl Throw Pillow from RobinsNestBoutique!
     And if you're not in the mood for a pillow, how about a Ceramic Owl Yarn Bowl that, in the front, says "Create", and on the inside, says "Imagination will take you everywhere"?! 
       It was made by claylicious...Cool, right?! :-]
       I also liked this pretty-colored Ceramic Pendant by lillysnightgarden...
       ...This Miniature House Village by thelittlereddoor...
       ...and also this Flowers Photograph by Lori411.
       Oh Yeah! Don't let me forget the Birds On A Wire Turquoise Beaded Blue and Green Crochet Flower Dangle Necklace of mine from my Wuglyees shop! :-)
        "Thank you happybabyshoes!!" :-)
      So those are my musings about Monday...except for a couple of other little things. If you noticed in my blog title I mentioned Fall. Talked about....I mentioned Crochet. Talked about with my crochet items that were featured in these two treasuries.
       I mentioned Owls and Gardens. Talked about...But I also mentioned parks! I left this subject for last because I think this subject will take you away from this blog and over to Vicki's blog (2 Bags Full...). She posted the first installment of her and her hubby's National Parks Adventure trips. Oh! Such beautiful photos of Zion National Park in Utah! You have to see them yourself. Click HERE!
       If you can't stand to tear yourself away from this blog...^_^...I'll share a couple of her photos...
      "Hello!!!.....Anybody still here?!" O_O...LOL Well, just in case you are, I'll regale you with a poetic turn of the phrase as a thank you...And say Have a good Monday Everybody!! :-)

For all the Mondays

For all the Mondays that come around,
and all the Fall leaves gently falling down;
For all the wet soil, caked and brown,
and all the worms it must have drowned;

For all the honking, and chatty sound
from all the folks scurrying round the town;
For aching feet and hearts that pound;
and lists and nerves to be unwound;

For bags and keys that hit the ground,
when well-tired bodies fall in a mound;
For deals and prices that do astound,
and all well worth it, pond for pound;

For all the Mondays that come around,
and all the weekends gone with a frown;
For adjectives needed, not just a noun,
Much thanks to Mondays that come around.


  1. I do love the colours around at the moment, browns, oranges, golds, yellows I love this time of year! the owl pearching on the bowl is so cute :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me!

  2. What a lovely blog post, so colourful! Thanks so much for the link to my pendant. The owl treasury is just so lovely!

    Dawn (Lilly's Night Garden)

  3. Bee Happy, I love the colors around now too! Especially the browns and oranges. But I have to admit the colors in the Owl treasury really caught my attention too!...You're entered again...but you haven't said which scarf you want. Pastel or bright?

  4. Hey congrats Wugs!! Beautiful treasuries too! Prettier than some I've seen on the FP for sure!
    It's windy and somewhat warm here today. A cold front blowing in. I have my granddaughter today so service should be...."interesting!" LOL
    Looking forward to the day. Have a great one my friend!

  5. chloedancer99, Thank you very much for the nice words. :-) And it was my pleasure to share your pendant! I love the colors!

  6. CinLynn, Thanks for the congrats, Bead! And keep that windy weather in your area as long as you can. I kinda like it the way it is around here...well, except for the humidity. It's suppose to get much cooler mid-week some time...Have "FUN" with the granddaughter in service!! ^_^ Maybe "fun" is not the right word. Ha! Ha!

  7. What a bright and cheerful blog post to wake up to this morning. You make lovely jewelry.

  8. Jansjems, Awwww! Thank you!...And the feeling about the making of jewelry is mutual! ;-)

  9. Happy Monday! Ok, I woke up shivering and now I'm...glowing...because of the humidity!

    I must tell you Wugs, I never need to check the weather anymore, I just check in on your blog and figure out what I'll be wearing for the day.

    Hope you have a great week!


  10. Wow! What a colourful post! I love all those blue/greens!
    Enter me!

  11. Oh and Enter me!

  12. STUNNING photos of the park! I am so sad to be leaving Montana this Friday as I will miss the gorgeous mountains terribly. Ohio is just icky!
    These treasuries are incredibly beautiful - full of artistic pleasure! Actually - your whole post today is really something to drool over!

  13. These are all so wonderful!

  14. Lisa, Ha! Ha! Humidity! I KNEW IT!! ^_^ Our temperatures stay kinda close to each other's for some reason. Ha! Ha!

  15. gill, Thank you! I love those colors too...surprisingly. I usually don't lean toward pastel colors!...{By the way, gill, are you following me under another name? I want to be sure and count all of your entries. I didn't see "gill" in my followers list. Let me know, okay.} And have a good rest of the day! :-)

  16. Lisa, Okay...entered! :-)

  17. Art and Sew Forth, That's the same way I felt about those Park photos too!...STUNNING!! I hope you got the chance to see the rest of them on Vicki's blog post. I found myself longing for open spaces as I read it...And now I'm sad for you, leaving Montana... :-( But come on...let's think positive about Utah! :-)) There has to be something to smile about there too. Every place has something!!...I so appreciate your comment today about the treasuries and the blog post. Thank you! :-)

  18. Kerri, Thank you very much!! :-) I know you "KNOW" a good photograph too! So, I'm doubly thankful!!

  19. Wow, amazing post ... fabulous treasuries ... and beautiful images! Fun owl! So cute!

  20. Cobalt Violet, Thank you very much! I thought the owls were great in that treasury too! :-)

  21. Wow those treasuries look fantastic. Love, love, love the autumn tones and the owl one looks fantastic. Such great colours! That ceramic pendant looks so pretty.

  22. I just love your post....and I am honored that you would write about the Signs of Fall Treasury!! I simply love needs to get a tad cooler and then it will be perfect!!! Well, here's to yarn, crocheting and apple cider! :)

  23. Jo-anne, They really 'are' pretty treasuries. People are sooooo talented! And the ceramic pendant is gorgeous!...I agree!

  24. Craftgal, Thanks Natalie! It was my pleasure. You chose such nice items...and such pretty colors! I was honored to have my crochet necklace in there. :-]...An I'm assuming you're getting some of the humidity too then, huh?! ^_^ But it still hasn't changed my mind about the Fall! Yeah, bring on the crocheting, and the apple cider!! :-))


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