Monday, July 23, 2012

Schedule?...What Schedule?!

       It's Monday!...YAY! :-] I know...that's not the usual reaction to a Monday. Most of the time people aren't glad to see Monday come. They've usually had a good weekend, visiting with their family, eating, sleeping, like happy weekend dogs! LOL...and they're not in a hurry to see it end!

      I'm feeling all of that too. I've enjoyed my family. I've enjoyed eating, playing, even sleeping! But for a few weekends lately I've been feeling a bit off kilter. I'm the kind of girl who likes a plan...a schedule of what I'm suppose to be doing.  Something I can stick to...a yard stick for normal.
      Lately no matter how much I try to stick to the plan...and follow my schedule...unexpected things keep coming up! Last minute requests from family members who need things done for them RIGHT NOW!....lack of sleep on my usual schedule, but naps that insist on being taken RIGHT NOW!..So, needless to say, what I'm craving, even more than an extended my schedule! So...YAY for Monday! ^_^
       Back to a regular schedule for me!...Blog up before 9:00...doing some studying, reading, etc...working on the crochet projects in the bin that are half done...and so on, and so on, and so on!...I'm even gonna 'plan' a nap! LOL No more things going off into all kinds of directions!...unless it's a creative endeavor. :-)

        Let's see how long this lasts! LOL Or if I get any more done than I've been getting done. ^_^ Or if hubby and I can get our relatives to honor our schedule!.....Ha! Something tells me that I should learn to schedule...and then forget I know how to do it! That might be more mentally relaxing for me.
      Speaking of mentally relaxing, I'm still gonna be sharing Etsy finds...

        I love to do that! :-]

        Hmmm...heart-shaped boutonnieres! :-) Why didn't I think of that?!....Probably because it wasn't on my schedule! LOL....Okay, so maybe not EVERYTHING needs to be scheduled! ^_^ ...Are you a 'schedule' type person, or are you more of a 'fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants' type of person?! I'd love some input on this subject...Otherwise, plan to have a good day Everybody! :-)

Off My Schedule

I've been off my schedule,
and I'm craving normalcy.
I wanna sleep six hours
and then plan my A to Z.

It's not for want of trying.
I'm a schedule making fool!
But putting things in writing
hasn't made them now the rule.

Things keep coming up.
Out of nowhere, things to do.
Obligations that keep pulling
at my "set in schedule" glue.

I've just been giving in,
like a pushed revolving door.
I schedule to do better.
I mean, what is a schedule for?!


  1. Hello!
    Thank you for noticing our heart shaped boutonnieres :)
    Vesna & Mojca from Cherry Time

    1. Notice?!....I think they're fabulous! :-) Imay try to make some myself now!

  2. Good morning!

    Oh, I've been longing for lazy unscheduled days, and simply plan my days one day at a time.
    I like this poem a lot, and your presence in my blog. Thank you my dear.

    1. Good morning, Regina! :-) Lazy unscheduled days, huh?!...Well, if that's what you want, I hope you get it! ^_^ ... And thank you so much for the nice words about the poem too!...Have a good day!

  3. I'm a schedule person too! I think we're taught that as Jehovah's Witnesses, don't you? I'm not a bit happy when something messes my schedule up, but what can you do. It is great when things get back to "normal" though.
    I'm babysitting today (not on my schedule) because of our district convention this weekend.
    I always love to see the finds you show off here from Etsy. I love that dog in the first photo! So cute!
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Bead!...And you may be right. I can still hear in my head, from when I was a full time pioneer, "Early in the day. Early in the week. Early in the month. Early in the year." :-)) Schedules always work better for me...I'm not crazy rigid. If something didn't get done one day, I would just put it on the schedule for the next day. :-) But it needed to be on the schedule for efficiency. I'm trying to get back to that now. I miss that kind of routine...Have fun babysitting today too! Some things work well off of the schedule. ^_^ Have a good day, Bead!

  4. Hi Deb,
    These photos are so pretty. The dogs, scarf....
    Hope you have a nice week.

    1. Thanks Priscila! :-) ...YOU have a nice week too!

  5. I really enjoyed your poem today. I too crave normalcy sometimes but what is normal anyway?
    I hope you're having a great week so far :)

    1. Thank you, Jo, about the poem...and I guess you and I will both have to figure out where our normal is....and fight to keep it! ^_^


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