Sunday, August 26, 2012


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         Sometimes people come up with the funniest things to tell a story. Sometimes they are things that they 'make up'. Sometimes they are things that they've heard about and that they embellish a little bit, to make the story a little more believable...Well, the story I'm about to tell you is not one you have to wonder about, as to whether it really happened. It did! my hubby!....just this Friday!
     With all of the awful stories on the news lately...stories of people's homes being burned to the ground, of West Nile Virus victims, of a shooting at the Empire State building in New York, of the cyclist Lance Armstrong's medals possibly being taken away, and of Hurricane Isaac...

(Barahona, Domincan Republic...Hurricane Isaac coming from The Weather Channel on Facebook)

(Hurricane Isaac / Haiti, from The Weather Channel on Facebook)

    ...Yes, with all of that going on, I'm happy to be able to tell you a kind of funny and cute story today! :-) A story about two men out for a little walk in the neighborhood and then..... :-))

      My husband and I, as many of you already know, are Jehovah's Witnesses. In that capacity, my husband and a friend of his were preparing to go door-to-door this past Friday, visiting the neighbors to encourage Bible reading and understanding.
      My husband asked his friend what he was gonna be leading conversations with? His friend said he was gonna be offering free home Bible stories...which is something we do regularly. My husband said: "Great!" Then his friend asked my husband: "What about you?!"
       I have to preface his answer by telling you that my husband's nature is to 'crack wise' or with a witty joke first, and then comes the serious. So he said: 
        "I'm gonna talk about miracles and how I need one!...LOL...because of the latest Watchtower magazine we got on miracles ("Miracles - Do they really happen?"). I'm gonna see if anyone would like a free copy of it."
        His friend and him were still laughing as they turned to go to the car, when all of a sudden...

       ...something hit my hubby from above!....O_O.....Was it raining?!......No!...

      My hubby reached up to see what this wetness was......You guessed it! ^_^ A bird, flying over head, pooped directly on my husband's nose!! ^_^

     The two of them, as they were walking along, laughed hysterically...inside...that the people they were meeting had no idea that the man they were talking to had just be pooped on! ^_^ Some things are best kept from potential new friends! LOL...and when he came home and told me, I laughed hysterically...OUT LOUD! ^_^
     I would like to have ended this story saying that hubby got to leave a ton of magazines with the neighbors. So everybody got their "Miracles" on Friday! But that would be 'making it up'. ^_^ Unfortunately, he didn't get to leave not even one magazine with anyone. Maybe next time...but HE got his miracle...sorta kinda!! LOL I mean, how often does a bird have a direct hit?!! LOL...Have a good day, Everybody!

 I Tell It All

What good's a secret from your friends?
How much of "YOU" do you shut out?
Do you tell them all you know,
or do you hide what you're about?

Do they know how much you argue,
or how much you really spend?
Do they know your real hair color?
Are they not that kind of friend?!

Do they know the way you laugh
when your giggle can't be stopped?
Do they know your honest feelings
after all your hair's been chopped?

Are they totally informed
of the size you really wear?
You might hide it from your in-laws,
but your 'Bestie' doesn't care!!

What good's a secret from your friends?
In a 'Fix' that's who you call!
Then they're gonna find you out!
Might as well just tell it all!


  1. The bird must have overheard him and just wanted to help out in his own little way! :) It would have been a good into line at the door!

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha!...He didn't think of that!! ^_^

  2. hahah, I love that you shared this and I think anyone who has that bird situation on them is always gross but totally laughable after and I really like your take on all of this and you're so right that there has been some terrible news stories lately. Sad


    1. ^_^ Gross is right, Dale. So much so that I struggled with how to tell it without it being "TOO MUCH" information! But it was so funny that I had to tell SOMETHING!!! LOL...I wish there wasn't any of the bad news in the world to tell....Soon! :-)

  3. Luckily he wasn't laughing with his head thrown back when that bird made a direct hit! When my friend Donna and I would walk I usually got hit atleast once in the year...and my son got it good at Disneyland in Calif. when we visited there. Not something a 17yr old enjoys! But we laughed our heads off! Poor kid! With all the tragedies in this world, we need to have a giggle or two. Thanks for sharing!

    1. ^_^ Oh! I am so glad he didn't have his head thrown back! That would have been a story I wouldn't have the heart to tell!...YUCK!...We don't know how he lived all these years without it happening before! And YOU....every year?! O_O It's only happened to me once in my life....I got hit on the shoulder. Maybe that's part of the reason why me and the outside don't get along that well! Maybe I'm allergic! LOL...Another giggle right now before I'm off to dreamland. ^_^ Night! Night! Yaya!

  4. I had to laugh when I saw the broccoli tree-house. I used to tell the boys that broccoli was mini trees just to convince them to eat them. Thankfully it worked :)
    lol poor hubby receiving a present from a birdie. I was always told it was good luck to have that happen.

    1. ^_^ I never really thought about it, but broccoli "Does" sorta look like the trunk of a tree, doesn't it?!! LOL


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