Wednesday, August 1, 2012

He Gave Me 'The Sound Of Music' Again!

      If this is your first time visiting my blog I want to apologize right off the bat, because after reading this post you're gonna be sick of me talking about me!... and talking about what I did yesterday, what I made yesterday, what I sold yesterday, etc. ^_^ In other words....ME!! LOL But the good thing is that tomorrow it'll get better....I'll still be talking about me, but I'll probably be talking about me...AND YOU!! ^_^ So hang in there!
    Anyway!...I wanted to share my yesterday with 30th wedding anniversary! :-) Don't start running!...I'm not gonna share EVERYTHING!!! LOL...Here are the highlights, starting with a re-post of my beautiful flowers I got when I woke up...

    I'm still looking at them this morning :-) ...and I just found out that the arrangement was actually done by a friend of mine! :-) How special!
      And speaking of special, the butterfly in the header photo, which is the front side of a beautiful handmade card...

       ...was also done by a special friend! :-) Happy Anniversary to me and hubby!...She probably just calls it a card. I call it 'art'! It will definitely not be folded up and put in a drawer!...Even the words she wrote are gonna be put in a special heart. :-]

       And speaking about special words, another friend gave us this card...

       The words of the poem made me and hubby cry! (I'll share the rest of the poem below, instead of one of my poems today.)....They really did!...In case you didn't know it before, or haven't figured it out by now, we're a couple of sappy softies!!!! LOL...Don't mess with us though! We can be as tough as nails if we have to!! Grrrr!...Are you frightened?!...If not, you must know us in real life! ^_^

       In case you haven't figured it out, yesterday was our 30th wedding anniversary!! :-)

      It was a happy, happy day indeed! :-) Oh! The butter cream frosting!!!!! Sooooo good!...So good, in fact, that we only have a small piece of cake left in the house today! ^_^ No, we didn't eat all of it! We sent it to my girlfriend's house! LOL She has kids and family that I know like cake as much as we do...and it was safer at her house! LOL

       This piece (above) didn't survive! LOL...Neither did these roses!...

       Me and hubby ate them like they had broke in the house and tried to steal something!!! LOL

      Speaking of eating, I owe my girlfriend a whooping today! LOL She delivered us breakfast....I mean 'literally' delivered! She rang the bell and ran! LOL...Why do I owe her a whooping you ask?!...Because she gave us this...

       Mushroom and tomato omelettes, with hash browns and sausage! Well, my plate had sausage.....Hubby's plate had his beloved BACON!!...

       And if you see either one of us in person today, no, neither one of us are pregnant! LOL Although we may be sporting a five pound good mood right about now! ^_^ ...Truth is, I couldn't catch my girlfriend 'to' whoop her now...even if I wanted to!! LOL And I should...because this wasn't the end of the breakfast! It also came with three...count them...THREE...plates of these...

      And a large 'Dunkin Donuts' coffee for me, orange juice for hubby.....AND two donuts!!!!...and as a little chaser...I call it 'compose'! LOL...

     Fruit! :-) ... We were rolling around bumping int each other all morning...because we couldn't get up! ^_^ And guess what's for breakfast this morning?!......Leftovers! LOL

      Besides many details of things that I'm not gonna bore you with, one of the nicest things I got from hubby yesterday was the sound of music again. :-) What do I mean?!...Well, my old computer's speakers have lived their best life. I haven't been able to really enjoy my music as much lately.
        If you've been around this blog for a while, you know how much I love music! And how much I like to share it with visitors!...Me and my 'Tiggerific' friend love to crank it up and dance! :-) ...Well, I haven't really been able to enjoy it at the decibel I like to...especially for my happy dance music!...unless I've been able to search around on Youtube until I found a version that was a bit louder than the others.
      But yesterday, wrapped up in one of the packages...

    ....was music!! :-)

       No, it was not a Mercedes Benz! ^_^ In fact, it was not the kind of gift where much money was spent at all. But it's priceless because it means that my adoring husband of 30 years doesn't just want me to live this life....He wants me to enjoy this life! :-) He knew what a 'hitch in my get-along' not being able to hear my music cranked up was for me, and he decided that the best gift he could give me was a smile. :-) He gave me back the sound of music!.....and all other sounds of music too!...Thank you, Bae!!!! I love you very much too!! ♥♥♥

      Yes, there were a few other gifts we received, and a few other things we did...

     ...but not much. :-) And isn't that the stuff great anniversaries are made of?! :-] ...Okay, I'm off to wrap and ship three boutonnieres I sold last night....YIPPEE!!!...and heat up some banana pancakes! :-) Have a good day, Everybody!

For A Special Couple

They tell us that love makes the world go 'round.
But looks like the two of you also have found...

It's not just the love, but the friendship and laughter
That keep two hearts happy and close ever after.

It's working things out when the going gets tough.
Sharing your dreams and the chores and your stuff.

It's a kind of belonging that no one can fake.
It's choices and changes, it's give and it's take.

It's part "leap of faith" that began with "I do."
And lasts for a lifetime for couples like you.
                     (By 'Carlton Cards')


  1. Congratulations! I followed the link to your blog from Simply Scratch's blog. I'm participating in the virtual bridal shower for Megan. I saw in your comment that you just celebrated your 30th anniversary and wanted to say congrats. The Complete Package (my hubs) and I are celebrating our 30th in September. It's a rare and wonderful thing to find a couple that have been together that long these days. So a big congrats to you and your spouse. TCP & I wish you many, many more.

    1. Jeanne, How special to have you stop by just to give us some love! :-) Thank you very much!!...And congratulations to you and your hubs too!!!It is a rare and wonderful thing to have a long and lasting, loving marriage these days. Welcome to the small club! ^_^

  2. Yes I cant wait for my 30th. Im almost 1/3 there this November 14 will be our 9th. Once again congrats on your achievement. Lol

    1. Hi Jennifer! ♥ I can't wait for your 30th either!! ^_^ I'm making a mental note of your anniversary date right now!! :-))) Let's see if it sticks!

  3. congratulations! that cake looks so yummy :)

    and hey... this is YOUR space and YOU are writing it... so why shouldnt it be all YOU. I say, go for it :)

    1. And, Kamana, it "WAS" yummy too! ^_^ And thanks for the support for my writing about ME all the time around here too! LOL

  4. Awwwwww, sounds like you had a great day! Love the cards and the speakers were a great idea. still haven't told us what you got him!! Inquiring minds want to know! You were so distraught for so long about what to get him that you must tell us now! LOL
    I'm so happy you had a wonderful day! I hope you have many more too!

    1. Hi Cindy, Ohhhhhh! I forgot to tell you what I got him!!! ^_^ It wasn't anything I thought anybody would care about, but him! LOL I'll tell you though...soon. Let's just say...he was very happy! :-))

  5. Wow you have such an amazing friend. I'm not surprised that you had leftovers the next day. That food looks wonderful. The roses on that cake look yummy too!
    I'm glad that you had a wonderful day.

    1. I do indeed have a wonderful friend, Jo! In fact, many of them! ^_^ They all made our day fabulous!


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