Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things That Made Me Go...WOW!

       Usually, these days, when I use the word "WOW!" I'm talking about a photograph of something that took my breath away. Case in point, look at that gorgeous header photo I'm sharing today!..."WOW!"...The mountains are gorgeous, but so is the creative eye of the photographer!...One day I'm gonna take gorgeous photos like that and embark on a new career and never crochet or write again!...WOW! What was that?!...I think it was a pig...flying! LOL
    Okay, back to reality! ^_^ ...Just so you know, things that make me go "WOW!" are different from things that make me go "Hmmmmmm!" Case in point, I did a blog post a while back with facts about me that might make people go "Hmmmmmm!" I just re-read it and made myself laugh out loud...because a lot of the things I mentioned then are even more true today than when I wrote them! ^_^ You can see that post HERE if you want.
      Anyway, the things that made me go "WOW!" yesterday are...ONE: A phone call I got out of nowhere...TWO: A convo (like email) I got on Etsy. (Both of which I'll tell you about in a minute)...And THREE: these...

     Are you sitting in front of the computer screen...staring...and mouthing the words "WOW!" right now?!....I did too! :-] ... I'll say again what I always say: "People are so creative!" And talented!!...Meanwhile I can't even figure out how to look at my Facebook page correctly anymore! Ugh!...That's a story for another day though...By the way, does anybody "Like" my "Wuglyees" Facebook page now...HERE...besides me, I mean?! :-)) 

       Now, on to the other two 'Wows'. :-) ...The phone rang yesterday while I was in one of my frazzled states...I woke up VERY late and was trying to focus myself to get my blog up. My hubby picked it up and handed it to me. I don't know why. He knows better than to try to get me to think AND converse at the same time! ^_^
       The person on the other end of the line said they were coming over... O_O ...I told them that wouldn't work for me, and I hung the phone up.  Hubby said: "Who was that?!"...then I realized.....I didn't know! LOL He said: "It sounded like your sister!"...."Really?...Was it my sister?!"...He didn't know. LOL...After hitting redial....well, after hitting redial the second time....*the first time he redialed someone we had just talked to earlier...on purpose! LOL*...he found out that it was indeed my sister!...WOW!
       It's been a very long time since my sister called me. And an even longer time since she's said anything about coming to visit!! I'm kinda sorry I couldn't see her yesterday...but we have plans to visit soon...WOW!

      The other wow is a customer convo-ing me on Etsy to find out if I have any more of a certain kind of lapel pins...He searched through my SOLD section and saw the one he wants!!..WOW!...Okay, it's official I'm in the boutonniere/lapel pin making business. I need to stop trying to pedal my crochet necklaces and scarves!! LOL...Look for a BIG HALF OFF sale coming soon! :-) I need room for my boutonnieres and lapel pins people!!

    WOW! Look at the time!!...Have a good day, everybody! :-)

Catching Up

I see life from my perspective.
And it's always a full cup.
I rarely see the glass half empty.
I don't let much interrupt.

But now I find this needs a change.
I have some catching up to do.
I have some things that need updating.
And some family bonds to glue.

Some things have lagged unmercifully.
They need some tweaking, not too much.
Just need to get back some perspective..
Get some family lines in touch.

This catching up will be wide ranging.
Out with the old, in with the new.
But when you're catching up with people,
there's still some old when you're all through.

Catching up sometimes is tiring.
Maybe that's why I've been waiting.
And, besides, when I'm all done,
there seems there's more that needs updating!


  1. Wow!! That dress is a wower!! And wow! glad to hear you will be visiting with your sister soon. And Wow... you are on a roll with those boutonnieres! Get to work!! And...have a wonderful day too!

    1. Ha! Ha! WOW! You're quick returning a comment today! ^_^ ...And yes! I'll get right to work...after I get some other necessary business taken care of. We have the C.O. this week! :-) Have a good day, Bead!

  2. Lilly Things8/23/2012

    Neat Dress!! I hope you have a fun visit with your sister ! I miss my mine a lot and the phone never seems up to pare ! Have a great day !!

    1. That is "Some Dress" isn't it?!! I could almost see the woman wearing it...and here the song that was playing! LOL...And the visit with my sister won't be for a little while...after the first frost! Allergies. Ugh!...Have a good day, Liz!

  3. I did go WOW when I saw the dress. Interesting.

    Your pins are a neat idea. Good for you, my friend. And, I didn't know you had a FB for your shop. I liked it.
    Deb, thank you for your comment yesterday and every day.

    1. ^_^ I think we all went "WOW!" when we saw the dress, Priscila! ^_^ ..And thank you for the "like" on FB! I've been havig a time trying to figure out how to get more visibility to my business page.Promotion is HARD work!!...And, by the way, commenting on things I like are not something you have to thank me for! If you've noticed, talking is not hard for me! ^_^ Have a good evening, Priscila!

  4. Deb, great blog post. I know it's a little late to comment but I had to since I'm catching up on almost a week I lost because of being at the Hospital with dad. Love your poem. Hugs, Velma

    1. Hi Velma!...Thanks, about the blog post. I'm glad you liked it. And thank you for taking the time to read it even with all of the issues you've been dealing with! Come by and comment any time! And I'll be sure to reply. :-)

  5. That dress is definitely something to say WOW about!
    As far as taking photos I can see you taking some great ones in the future but the not crocheting part, well that would be like asking you not to eat yummy foods or breathe. I can't see that would EVER happen!

    1. ^_^ I agree, Jo! And sing songs about...or TO...also! LOL...And by the way, please don't ask me to not eat yummy food or breathe! ^_^


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