Saturday, August 4, 2012

Have You Ever Run?!!

       No, I'm not talking about the kind of running like when you ran from your mother after you did something wrong! LOL I'm talking about the kind of running where you put on running sneakers, set a course in your head, and took off on the road at a full bolt...Have you ever done that?!
       Just watching the ladies in London run has brought back my own memories. Yeah....I ran...ONCE! And once, for me, was enough! ^_^ And don't get me wrong, it wasn't 'enough' because I hated it. It was 'enough' because of what happened!...I'll tell you about it in a minute. :-) 
    First let me case you're new around here...I LOVE SPORTS!! And while I know that usually sports involves some kind of competition, and that sometimes it's the competition part that can make people crazy, that's not the reason why I love it. I love it mostly because of the way the endorphins you produce while you're doing it, or frankly, when you're watching somebody else do it,  makes you feel....GREAT! ^_^

      And when you're 'ME', and you're barely sleeping because of a physical issue, and you really need a distraction from your mind trying to take you down a negative road about what all of the lack of sleep and everything are trying to tell you...(but I slept a whole five hours last night though, by the way....Woohoo!!! ^_^)...and there's sports on almost every channel because of the London Olympics, you find out that you REALLY love sports!...and you're really thankful for the ability to appreciate it!

       I kinda wish that the sports itself wasn't so connected with where everybody was from if you can't like certain players if they're not from 'your country' and you shouldn't root for certain athletes if they beat somebody from 'your country' in the past. I just think that's pretty silly...I mean, we're all humans with the ability, when we're healthy, to run, jump, strategize, etc...So why does the country that we happen to come from make it the most important thing to talk about when it comes to sports?! (Fully acknowledging that sometimes the country you come from is indeed a factor.)
      Aren't there players from 'your country' that you really don't like the way they play, or that you don't think are the best at whatever sport it is?! O_O Aren't there athletes from other countries that you really love?...Or that you have fallen in love with, because of the back story about how they got to where they are, or because of their work ethic or something?!...All of this is true for me...I find the customs and skill, personalities and language, of people all over the world truly fascinating!
      I won't name the players or athletes that I'm talking about...the ones I'm not that much of a fan of I mean...out of respect for the fact that while I might not like them, I still can appreciate the hard work that it takes to do what they do. I know I can't do it!...even though, in my opinion, their attitude could use some adjustment!...just saying.

      I like who I like!...wherever they're from...or not from! And I'm sure that the list of who I liked...or didn't like...would be more diverse and maybe even sometimes 'awesome' if the country that I'm from focused as much on people from other countries as they do on the people from their country. :-) ....But that's life as we know it right now. One day the world will be one big happy family, speaking one language...the language of love...But for now, when I get an opportunity to see and enjoy SPORTS....from whatever country, like the London Olympics is displaying, I fall in love with new people..and new sports..and I marvel at the possibilities of how great it could be if we all were allowed to just like who we wanted to without judgement!...Would you still like the same people then?!...Would you say so in mixed company?!^_^

      Now, about my running story...I admit that I probably could have given the running thing a bit more thought...and probably SHOULD have! But it was just such an unexpectedly beautiful day when I came outside, prepared to walk the couple of blocks over to the Post Office. So, taking off and running to the Post Office instead of walking was a spur of the moment thing.
     As I rounded the first corner I was flooded with the emotion of the fact that I was jogging for the first time in my life, and I was in awe of the fact that I wasn't out of breath...or even close to being out of breath! :-) At that moment I just knew that running would be a part of my life from then on!...Then I rounded the second corner...and my bra strap broke! LOL
    I could leave the story right there, and any of you who have a breast size above a "C" cup would totally understand! LOL But I wasn't a "C" cup. I was more like a "DD" cup!! O_O...*Gulp!*...A "DD" cup...and almost 2 blocks from home! YIKES!...Yeah, you guessed it...that was the last time I've ever run. And all of my bra straps, if they could talk, would thank me! ^_^
      I now know that running isn't for everybody! I can love and appreciate running. And my endorphins go into over-drive watching other 'less endowed' women doing it with such joy. But I know that unless my mother, the police, or some other threatening person who I haven't been able to wrestle to the ground and smother while sitting still, is chasing me.....I'm done being a runner!!! LOL
      The only running I do these days is running lines through my mind when I'm trying to develop a poem, or running my fingers through the pages of a book or some crochet pattern or the other to see what I'm gonna come up with next! ^_^ ...Speaking of which...this is what I came up with recently...

      And chattering on this blog post is running on and on! LOL So I'm gonna 'strap it up'. ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! 


Sometimes you expect a little 'This', and you get 'That'.
Sometimes you will wave away some dust, but it's a gnat.

Sometimes it's an image in the distance that's right here.
Sometimes all the straining isn't worth the things you hear.

Sometimes you will find that 'pretty bad' has got a perk.
Sometimes a vacation is the thing that you call work.

Sometimes conversation meant to heal can go too far.
and sometimes on reflection you are happy who you are.

Sometimes poetry can be so random, and yet deep.
And sometimes it's, upon reflection, thoughts you ought to keep.


  1. Great post and running story! made me chuckle :) hope you are having a happy weekend sweetie, don't forget to enter my giveaway :)

    Bee happy x

    1. Hi Bee! I'm glad you liked my 'misery' story. ^_^ I hope YOU have a good weekend too!...Giveaway?!...I have to check that out!

  2. I totally agree with you on the sports thing. We should be able to barrack for whom we want to without feeling guilty about not cheering your own country on. Some athletes deserve your support no matter where they are from and others not so much.
    Gosh that stuff about running. I think I'll leave that to the Olympians and other athletes. I would much rather walk. I don't need to be quite as fit as all the sporty people to do that :D

    1. Exactly, Jo!...Why can't sports just be sports?! Why does so much have to be attached to going swimming, running, riding a bike and hitting a ball?! LOL...And about the running...I'm leaving it alone too! ^_^


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