Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some COLOR To Get Us Over The Hump!

        I can hardly believe that we're already at the middle of the week! It seems like time is just flying by so fast!...Maybe that's because I'm finally getting a little sleep! ^_^ Yes...I am! About five or so hours a night! EX-CI-TING!!! 
      Knowing me, it's probably not gonna last, this rich man's stash of sleep I'm enjoying right now. But I'm not gonna think about that. I'm gonna ride the wave...smell the roses...count my sheep! LOL...*I was joking with my girlfriend just recently about how I've been trying to get sleep for so long that I've not only been counting my sheep, but I've been curling and braiding their hair...plucking their eyelashes...and putting their pajamas on 'em!...and they still keep getting out of the pen!! LOL*

       I'm here to tell you that the world seems a lot more colorful when you get the right amount of sleep! :-)

       See what I mean?! ^_^ ... And I've decided, since it's Wednesday, "Hump Day", I'm going to add to the color!....Well, because it's Wednesday AND because I've been neglecting my sweater blanket terribly! ^_^

       This is where I was with my blanket when last YOU saw it (above)...But I worked on it for quite a while last night while I was watching the gymnastics, track and field and beach volleyball. :-) This is where I am now...

       As you can see, I'm two more colors deep now! :-)

      I'm almost ready to start another color now!...The truth is...I probably would've started it if a certain six-foot 'gymnastics-floor-dance-mimicking-man', who shall remain nameless...but I think you know who I mean...^_^...hadn't totally distracted me with his version of the girls performances last night! LOL
      He came into the room saying: "I can do that!....It's like this....and like that!"...but y'all, it totally WASN'T like this and like that!!!! LOL It was more like Uhhhh....and like STOP IT before I pee my pants!!!!! LOL

(Natural Maine Sea Glass Necklace by SimplyMaineSeaGlass ...100% of the profit from all sales is going to buy books for the local hospitals library)

       With that visual in your mind's eye, I will leave you today! ^_^ I mean...why should I be the only one with it burned into my mind?!....And in my heart. :-) That man! That man!! ^_^ ...Have a good day, Y'all!


Half-Way away from Monday.
Half-Way to the end of the week.
Half-Way with a hump in the middle.
Half-Way, like a quarterback sneak.

Half-Way is what Wednesday is.
Half-Way from where the good times have been.
Half-Way to the goal of beginning.
Half-Way back to start it again!


  1. First off:
    I love your blog!

    I love your shop! Especially your crocheted bags!

    Last, but CERTAINLY not least:
    Thank you so much for featuring my 'Mental Affair' earrings in your awesomeness of a blog, Debbie! It's truly flattering!



    1. Awwwww! Thank you so much for all of the nice words about the blog, my shop and bags! :-] I really appreciate you taking time to look at both of them...By the way, those earrings as fabulous!! It was my pleasure to share them! :-]

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my shop it means the world to me. We are working really hard on our fundraiser through my shop, here's a bit more information about it!

    We've started a huge fundraiser to raise money for Maine Medical Center's Gibson pavilion (oncology unit), it's where my mother passed away 10 years ago on Sep. 16th. I'm raising the funds to fill their in unit's pretty empty. I'm donating 100% of the profit from all sales in my shop until Aug. 24th to the project! We're hoping to buy at least 500 new books and videos for patient use!!

    Here's a special coupon for all of your blog readers!!!! Use coupon code GIBSON at check out for 12% off your entire order!!!

    1. Hi Melissa, Thanks for the information. I left you a message on Etsy. :-) Thank you!

  3. Rainbow colors... rainbow blanket... so cute!
    I could use some help braiding my hair, lol.

    1. Thank you, Priscila! :-) ... And I wish I could help you with your braids, because my sheep look beautiful!! ^_^

  4. Hello! When I saw your note on Etsy that you had featured my ta cosy on your blog, I was chuffed to bits. Now, having read the feature and read some of your other articles, I am more than just chuffed. I am truly honoured. Your blog is wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. you have a wonderful, refreshing sense of humour which just shines through and made me laugh and smile! Your Etsy shop is so lovely and I admire your work. That blanket up wow! :-) Again, thank you so much for the great honour. I am now one of your readers! Thank you...

    - Judith from Tafferty Designs :-)

    1. Awwwwww! Judith, my day has just begun, but already you have gotten it off to a good start! :-) What a nice comment to wake up to!...THANK YOU!!!...I hope I don't bore you to tears in the future, but I'm telling you...I feel like I'd better be good from now on!! LOL...Oh, if oly I could! ^_^ I'm afraid I can only be 'ME'...good, bad, or indifferent...Have a good day, Judith! Hopefully as good as mine is now going to be! :-)

  5. I really like those rainbow felted items. They've certainly brightened up my rain soaked day!

    1. ^_^ They brightened up mine too, Jo!


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