Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For The Men!

     There's gonna be nothing deep about this post....just letting you know now. ^_^ I'm just taking an opportunity to tell one particular man "I love you!", and doing other men of the world...or at least the Etsy handmade boutonniere and lapel pin searching men of the world...a big 'solid'!...or 'favor', in case your slang references are a little rusty! LOL {My slang is very rusty too, but my ear picks up everything...and I have relatives who like to 'school me'!!! ^_^}
     I love my husband every day, for a lot of reasons, but today I love him because he gave up his jacket so that I could take pictures of all of my boutonnieres and lapel pins. :-)  I think he wanted to wear it, but he just smiled when I asked for it, hesitated a little...*as if to say: 'Okay...let me see...what other jacket can I wear with this now!'*...and handed it over! :-)
      In the header photo, his jacket is wearing one of my latest pins...

      I made this red one, and the gray and purple, two-toned, one below...

      I sold another one yesterday. I think they've caught on! :-) They aren't selling like 'McDonald's' hamburgers and 'Apple' computers...YET!...but I'm hopeful! ^_^

      Here's a few of the others that are already in the shop, but needed a photo of them sitting on an actual jacket!..."Thank You Again, Honey!" :-) ...

  ......This one is Orange, not red...

 ....Purple and blue...

.....And a white boutonniere....

      And last!...

      They're not very large. The lapel pins are about an inch, up to an inch and a half (2.5 cm, up to 3.8cm)...and the boutonniere are, at the most, about two inches (5.1 cm)...I'm having to do hand and finger exercises to keep them from stiffening up up on me while I'm crocheting! LOL I'm not kidding! It's happened...and it wasn't pretty! ^_^

       Something that 'was' pretty though...*Do you like how I transitioned that?! ^_^*...was this Orange Autumn treasury, curated by Roxanne...

          She included my cantaloupe orange rose flower pin brooch...for women! :-) ...

       Just click on the treasury if you wanna see the other items close up...That's what I did. :-)

      Back to the T.V. for me!...I've been watching the LIVE coverage of hurricane Isaac and the U.S. choose which one is more riveting T.V. to watch...They both have people with interesting back stories. And you know how much I love a story! :-) ...Speaking of which, there's a real story developing over my chairs I was about to throw out!! I'll tell you about it tomorrow!..Have a good day, Y'all! :-)

 How Can You Tell a Good Man From a Bad One?

How  can you  tell a good man
from a bad man nowadays?
The truth is there are many,
many, many, kinds of ways.

A good man, when he meets you,
looks you straight into your eye.
A bad man, will look down,
and he can't  wait to tell a lie.

A good man, when he owes you,
pays your money right on time.
A bad man says: "I'll   pay you!"
But he never has a dime.

A good man wants to help you
if you're  ever in a pinch.
A bad man, if your car breaks down
won't  even loan a wrench.

A good man, when he dates you,
is not concerned with just 'right now'.
A bad man wants his milk' for free',
and never buys the cow.

A good man is a good boss,
and a sparkling employee.
A bad man likes to take control,
and complains exhaustively.

A good man brings you flowers,
just because he thought of it.
A bad man, if you ask for them
will quickly throw a fit.

A good man,'cause he's loved by all,
will know the world is his .
A bad man gets a poem wrote
to show how bad he is!


  1. Deb,

    So glad your creation has caught on! I knew it, because it's original and the groom or best man gets to keep it as a wedding favor!

    I love the jacket, by the way.

    1. Thanks very much, Priscila! :-) I hadn't thought about them being a wedding favor, but you're absolutely right! Now I just have to crochet enough of them, and in enough colors, to keep up! ^_^ Thanks for the support!...By the way, how is the pillow cover business coming along?!

  2. I love your poem! I did have to laugh about the not buying the cow part. I've not heard that saying for a while. I know both you & I know a good man when we see one :)

    1. Awwww! Thanks, Jo! :-) I'm glad you like the poem. And I'm afraid my head is FULL of sayings like the cow one!! ^_^ ...And these days, spotting a "good" man is getting easier! LOL


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