Monday, August 27, 2012


       It's been a while since I did it, so I decided today was the day!....Update day! Now, if you're thinking: "UGH! There she goes again!" patient. It's only for today...*wink! wink!*..tomorrow things will be right back to normal! :-)
       To get things off to a quick start...cuz I know you're thinking: "The quicker the better!" ^_^...let me update the chairs situation. You know, the chairs with the story. Well, they were almost out the door when I got a nice email from a fellow blogger..."Thanks, You-Know-Who! :-)"...who shared a link with me to Brassy Apple's blog, where she...just by happenstance..."happenstance" is the new 'old lady' word I'm using right now, just in case you were wondering ^_^"...did a blog post on the refurbishing of an old chair she found. An old chair that looked almost exactly like my old chairs!
       This is her old chair...

        This is my old chair!...

      After she stained her old chair and refurbished the cushion, this is what it looks like!...

      I almost wanna say: "BAM!"...Isn't it gorgeous?! :-) ...Now I'm more perplexed than ever about what to do with my chairs! O_O ...And yes, "perplexed" is another old lady word I'm using these days! LOL
        Updating my chairs, instead of throwing them out, is looking pretty good now. I mean, look at what LoveSissy did with their chair! :-) ...

       Anyway! Moving the kitchen. Remember my hubby, the 'Cooking Fool'?!...I have been enjoying some wonderful creations of his lately....WONDERFUL! He's been cooking all kinds of combinations of all of the stuff I like!....Well...before now I mean. O_O...We've hit a snag.
        It happened when he realized that there was too much stuff in the refrigerator, and he decided to make a "concoction"...*I'm not using that word because I'm an old lady. I'm using that word because there are no other words for it!! LOL*
      In the refrigerator, we had leftover spaghetti noodles, leftover mushrooms and tomatoes (mixed....don't ask! ^_^), and leftover peas and corn. But no cheese sauce. No onions. And no Pepto-Bismol!...I know you're thinking: "Nooooo! He didn't!!"....That's right! No, he didn't....because I stopped him cold in his tracks!! LOL
     This was no time to be the supportive doting wife. This was the time to protect the life I have left with every fiber of my being! ^_^ Seriously! Who thinks that plain spaghetti noodles, canned tuna, peas and corn, mayonnaise and a mixture of mushrooms and tomatoes should all go together?!! O_O ...NOT ME!!!!...And, if YOU do, more power to you!! But it wasn't gonna go together in this house!...or in this body!!...Not now, or ever!....Oooo! I  think I just heard my digestive system clapping! ^_^

      Updating some not so funny news, remember my friend that went in for surgery?...the one that they operated on for a little removal of something, and found cancer spread everywhere? Well...they started her Chemo treatments a lot faster than they intended. :-(  She's suppose to have her 3rd out of 4 treatments today or tomorrow. After that she's gonna be re-tested, to see if it's working. 
       Unfortunately she's having a really rough go of it. :-( She's been in a lot of pain...'to the bone' is the way she describes it. :-( And she's been vomiting a lot too. :-( The good thing?!...She's still in good humor...most of the time...and she has her children staying with her around the clock now. They take turns staying with her...It's a tough situation after living alone for a while, but she's truly thankful for their help. And I'm thankful too, because I so want to be there helping her out and making opportunities for her to laugh. But since I can't...I'm glad they are!
       Unfortunately, over the weekend when hubby and I assessed the number of close friends we have who are battling some form of Cancer right now,  we found the number waaaay too high....5!!! :-(

      I have to move on to a more positive update...ignore the tears on your computer screen. :-( ...Crocheting! Let's talk about crocheting! :-] ...Update: I sold three more lapel pins over the weekend!...

      AND....I made two more for replacements...sorta kinda :-) ...

      ...a two-toned purple and black one.....and... experimental one. :-)) It's purple and blue, but there's a bit of green peeking through under the blue. You can see it from the back panel...

        I'm still making boutonnieres and lapel pins, as you can see! As fast as I put them in the shop, they're being bought out!....YAY!!!...Unfortunately that means that my rainbow sweater blanket and hats, scarves, and headbands are ON HOLD!...And so are my plans to crochet a couple of things inspired by these two...

     Oh's on hold...unless I get a custom request. Then the schedule for what I'm making will shift...Anything for YOU! :-)

    Okay, last update...I'm thinking that me and Facebook might not be friends anymore. For some reason I can't seem to post anything from my Etsy shop like I was doing before since I installed the 'forced upon me' TIME-LINE!...Grrrr!!!!
      If I can't share what I'm crocheting or writing, why do I have the site?!..I can talk to my friends and relatives on the phone!...and I do quite often...It's just one more thing putting my poor brain in a quandary.......Yep! "quandary"......I'm too old to tell you what it means. It just popped out of my mouth! ^_^ ...Update: I'm OLD!! ^_^ 
       Okay, while I go off and remember my little girlhood days, with my head held high...not OLD and go off and have a good NEW week, Everybody! :-)

Head High, Little Girl

Keep head high, little girl.
And your heart as an open book.
Think good thoughts of who you are,
so other girls can take a look.

Your self esteem, little girl,
should be pumped up wherever you can.
But shouldn't depend on prettiness,
or the sugary words of a man.

Your self esteem needs to be balanced.
Not arrogant or smug at it's core.
For the sun does not rise and set on you,
but nor is garbage dumped at your door.

So keep head high, little girl.
And your heart as an open book.
Your self esteem will then be lifted,
and the whole world will take a look.


  1. Yep...keep your head high. This is temporary! Things will get better....SOON!

    Congrats on the sales too!

    1. I'm doing just that, Bead! :-) ...Well, not "literally" today. I've had my head down in a project, and listening to convention talks! :-) Soooo good!...And sooooo encouraging!...Thanks for the encouragement from you about my sales too! I'm trying to take a bite out of boutonnieres! LOL

  2. Deb,
    I learned new words here. Thank you.
    I like your old chair. It looks to be in a very good condition. Perhaps, I would just change the cushion fabric.
    Hope your friend is doing well.

    Great week to you, too.

    1. Hi Priscila, ^_^ I'm glad my silliness helped you learn something! I try! :-))...And thanks about the chair too. Hers is beautiful. Mine is a mess! I'm still not sure what we're ultimately gonna do. O_O Te change of cushions would be easy, but the whole bottom is out of one of them! LOL.And thank you for the kind words for my friend too. ♥

  3. I'm so glad you liked my chair. Chairs are my favorite thing to redo. :) I'm loving your blog & am definitely going to be a future regular reader!


    1. Awwww! Thanks again, Sissy! :-) I'll be speaking with you on Etsy...And, oh yeah, welcome to the 'Backyard'!!

  4. That chair look great with their makeover! Sissy has done a wonderful job.
    So sorry to hear about your friend. It's so good that she has her family there to support her.

    1. The chair does look good!!...Sissy offered to redo mine, if I can figure out a way to ship them to her ad ship them back....I'm trying to figure out how to get this done!


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