Monday, August 20, 2012

Mondays...For Something Old And Something New!

         I know you're probably thinking: "Brownies...this early in the week?!...Really?!" But bare with me, there's a reason. And part of the reason is because these aren't just the old kind of know, the kind your mother or grandmother used to make on a rainy day. These are least to me!...because they're Nutella brownies!
        Most of you, at this point, probably know what Nutella is. I....old "set-in-my-ways" girl that I am...had heard people talking about it, but had no idea what it was....until recently. Now I know what it is. It's a chocolate hazelnut spread...

      I figured that since it's Monday, the beginning of a 'new' week, and new activities for all of us, this would be a good time to try something 'new'! Nutella! :-) ... I mean, why not try something new?!...A lot of people are trying new things. Even one of my favorite bloggers, Framed Cooks, just did a 'new' recipe for an old thing!...

    ...she turned the 'Boston Cream Pie' into a recipe for a Boston Cream Pie Cupcake! :-) YUM!!!!

      And my hubby is trying to turn something old into something new too. He's trying to bring the bow tie...

      ...and the cummerbund back in style...

     ...unfortunately his shirt and tummy are rebelling this idea. ^_^ ...But whatever...

     ...he tried it!....for about 20 minutes. LOL...His tummy and the folded over shirt won that round. He never got out of the house with it on! ^_^ He hasn't given up on the idea though! Another shirt....and a different day is coming for the bow tie and cummerbund. You just wait and see! :-)

      But he was inspiring. If he can try a cummerbund. I can try Nutella!

      Hubby got me some yesterday. smelled so good!

      Spreaded on toast it just looked like melted chocolate on toast. O_O ...I don't know why, but I thought it was gonna be the color of hazelnuts. Not so dark.

      All that was left was the tasting!....Here's to something new!....*smack smack smack*....

     Guess what?!...It tastes exactly like melted chocolate on toast! LOL...And, while it's not distasteful at all, I'm not a fan of chocolate on my toast! I'm a fan of strawberry preserves on my toast!...which is what hubby was eating for breakfast this morning...

     I took a bite or two of his toast, with jam. And my Nutella still sitting there....I couldn't eat anymore of it in this form....I couldn't eat any more of hubby's breakfast either, in it's form! LOL

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think turkey bacon is suppose to look like that! ^_^ ...My dear husband....the teasing he let's me get away with!!! LOL

       Anyway, from now on out I think I'll be trying Nutella in other forms, like the brownies in the header photo, or in this form...

       ...and I'm gonna let my adventurous breakfasts limit themselves to fresh fruit...

...and cinnamon and peaches oatmeal...

     ...and a hot cup of green tea, of course!

      I say that because....*gurgle, gurgle*...I think my digestive system is trying something new this morning too...It's trying to figure out how to spit out Nutella! O_O ... Bye! Bye!...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Trying Something New

Sticking my feet in the water,
sticking my toe in the sand,
sticking my tongue out to taste it,
rolling it around in my hand.

It's not somewhere I've been before.
It's not something that I've ever had.
It's not what I had expected.
But you know what? It's not that bad!


  1. I think Nutella is an old idea rediscovered. I like it but I think I should steer clear because I do like chocolate on anything (toast included!) and I'm afraid I might not be able to go back to jam! They actually have nutella in little single serving packets in some hotels..Yumm. It's always good to atleast try new might just find a treasure! (That's how I got into blogging!) Have a good week. I'm enjoying a rare Monday off!

    1. You might be right, Yaya. An old idea rediscovered...but just not discovered by ME! LOL Not until this morning anyway!...I think I'm gonna love it in other things, but just not on toast. I'm not even a big fan of chocolate donuts. Maybe it's the bread and chocolate together...On ice cream?! Yeah! ^_^ ...Enjoy your day off!

  2. Gosh you'd never tried Nutella on toast before? When I buy it I need to be the first one in the jar because if I go back to it a day or so later it's usually empty. They are shocking around here!

    We have a saying in our place about bowties. I give credit for this one to Doctor Who. "Bowties are cool" I really do think they look smart. Well anyone dressed in a suit with a tie looks smart in my book :)

    1. I'm a fan of chocolate! ^_^ That's what the Nutella tasted like to me. But I never spread my chocolate on toast either! LOL Call me crazy! But I think Nutella would be perfect in my peanut butter cookie recipe!...Hmmmm...By the way, hubby feels the same way about bow ties!....But what do you think about the cummerbund?!! ^_^

    2. I like cummerbunds too. Although they aren't quite as cool as bow ties they really do look good together.

    3. ^_^ Thanks for the input. Hubby is smiling....but he doesn't have his cummerbund on now! LOL


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