Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Come On Etsy, Come On....Act Right!"

       No, the squirrels name isn't 'Etsy'. At least I don't think it is! ^_^ My post title today is not about the photo. I just thought the photo kinda looked the way I was feeling about Etsy this morning...The site was down again for repairs. :-( It seems to be happening quite often lately.
      So, if you're reading this post before it's back up, I wanna let the owners of all of my photos know that I'm going to come back and link everything as soon as I can...If you're here afterward, when everything is all back to normal...

        I wanted to share something besides crochet with you today...Well, something besides "MY" crochet...But, as things would have it...I'll have to try that again tomorrow! ^_^ My soft blue crochet circle scarf was chosen for a treasury! :-)

      Such a pretty treasury too!...It's entitled ' "To Infinity........And Beyond!!!!!!!" :-) It was curated by Jennifer Mrozinski from FattyFrogPots.

       The title fit too! It reminded me of poor 'Buzz Lightyear' who thought he was a real toy, and kept on trying and trying to fly! me this morning. I keep on trying and trying to fly over to Etsy....but *sigh*...I keep hitting the wall and sliding down! LOL...But just like 'Buzz', I'm gonna keep at it until I take flight! ^_^

          Anyway!...Here's my favorites from the treasury...

      The creativity of these Etsians is 'to infinity and beyond'!! :-] ...Okay, I'm off to see if I can fly. ^_^ Maybe I'll make a friend along the way...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Who is a Friend?

Dependable and loving,
all your jokes make perfect sense;
To keep you happy and unharmed,
they'd gladly spare no small expense.

They know your moods,
Can take the heat.
They know the things
you like to eat.

Will tell you things
that lift your fear,
and even the things
you don't want to hear.

They'll quickly point out
your pannicky smile;
and pull up your slip
that's been hanging a mile.

They'll be your cheerleader-
Pom Poms in the air!
And when others are gone,
they will always be there.

Laughter and glee,
sobs and deep pain,
are shared by this friend,
in the sun or the rain.

Your accomplishments cause
only joy to their heart;
When they see your success,
it's as if they're a part.

And even though they know
the very worst that you do,
they map your intentions-
and they still love you.

So who is this friend?
It's your mother, your wife,
your neighbor, your kid,
someone who's sharing your life.

They may be close, and related,
or live very far;
but this friend is your friend
and they know who you are.

Your secrets are safe,
your feelings secure,
their shoulder is ready,
and their motives are pure.      


  1. Morning Wugs!
    Yup Etsy has had a bad case of the hiccups lately! Luckily I've still been on my staycation, so I haven't noticed much.

    My eldest Musketeer had to sing 'You've Got A Friend In Me' at school. Kids are so cute when they sing, they just sing, not thoughts about a 'good' or 'bad' voice or tone or harmony - they just belt it out.

    I love the circle scarf, what a great design, you can do so much with it!

    Happy weekend to you!

    1. Good Morning Lisa! :-) That Staycation is about to come to a close, huh?! I hope you've enjoyed it!...I know you have! :-)) Back to being a jewelry designer. YAY!!...I wish I could've sen your kids singing. I'm sure it was so cute!....And thank you about the scarf! I would make more of them, but I just saw that I have 51 scarves in my shop!! O_O I'm staying away from scarf making for a little while! ^_^ Happy weekend to YOU too!


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