Friday, August 10, 2012

AWESOME...Lettuce Eat Cake!

     It's Friday!....Awesome!!!!! :-) Although I don't know why I'm so excited. It's just another day, right?!....Wrong! It's the end of the week....It's the day before the weekend starts....It's my 'virtual date night'...(my hubby and I go all over the world 'virtually' on our Friday Date Nights, for those of you new here...Example: HERE.  ^_^)...and we're going away again...Shhhhh! It's a surprise trip for hubby this time. :-)) ...With all of my sleep issues lately...or should I say LACK of sleep issues,...and hubby being so great about everything, I decided that I'm going to 'wife-nap' him tonight! ^_^ I may tell you about it later.

      But since YOU all have been so awesome about coming to visit and read about all of my issues. I'm gonna make this an awesome Friday for two of you too! :-) I'll tell you about that in a minute. :-) ...Right now I'd like to share some things I found on Etsy that I think are pretty awesome...and things that I may or may not be thinking about for my 'Date Night' trip tonight! :-]
       Because every date should start with a good looking pair of shoes...


      ...and a hat!

       ...And because every date should have something unexpected...

       ...and something to drink...

...and something to eat! :-)

      No, none of this is telling you anything about where we're going..."So stop trying to look over my shoulder, hubby! LOL"...It's just my way of sharing the awesome Friday with you! :-) 

       Speaking of sharing, I want to share with you what I made yesterday...the creative brain with five whole hours of sleep was hopping! ^_^

      It's a gold, white speckled button lapel pin...

       I'm not selling this one though. Hubby wants it! :-) ..."Yeah, Shoulder-Looker-Overer, it's yours! LOL Maybe you can wear it tonight!"

      I "am" gonna sell this one though!...

   I know what you're thinking: "Hey! It's not a flower!".....I KNOW!! That surprised me too! ^_^

     What can I say..I was in a square black and white kinda mood! :-)

     We'll have to wait and see when and if somebody buys it, if I'm the only one in a square black and white kinda mood! :-))

      But right now I don't wanna talk about buying. I wanna talk about giving something away! :-) It's been a while since I did. And since Fall is right around the corner....and because YOU all have been so awesome!...and because I'm in the mood...I'm giving away two...count 'em...2 of my long remnant scarves! :-)

      This one is one of the Giveaway scarves. I call it "Foggy Lettuce"...  


    And this one is called "Chocolate Cream Cake"...

      All you have to do to receive one of them is leave me a message below telling me which one you'd like, lettuce or cake, :-) and let me know how to contact you if you win! :-) And you can post about it on your social sites if you like too....Oh....and you only have until midnight tomorrow to do that...Saturday (EST). I'll be doing the drawing then....By the way, I'll send them anywhere you live!

    Sooo...this Friday is pretty awesome, right?!......Right! :-) And if that didn't do it...go out a make it a good one, Everybody! ^_^

 Another 'Virtual' Trip!

Another long trip abroad.
We're some 'virtual' traveling fools!
We revel in our 'virtual' jaunts,
but don't have to follow travel rules.

Our shoes stay on our feet.
In fact, sometimes we go without!
And what is all this measuring
and getting searched about?!

Yes, we travel everywhere,
and we never spend a dime.
It's 'virtual' perfection.
You should try it too sometime!


  1. yea for froggy lettuce!!! Count me in. My new giveaway posted today too come on over. It's been a while xo

    1. Hi Katherine!...Yes, it "HAS" been a while! :-) I'll put you in for the lettuce. ^_^ And I checked out your Giveaway too! It's a boatload of goodness!

  2. Nice post my friend! I LOVE both of those scarves!! Not sure which I would choose. Probably the brown one since it would go best with my coat. But I love the green one too!
    Have a great virtual trip tonight!

    1. Hi Bead! :-) Thanks for the scarf LOVE! :-) And you surprised me, saying you liked the lettuce one! I was sure you and the brown one would be in love. ^_^

  3. Love the scarfs! It's feeling like the right weather for it today! Hope you get a good nap in!

    1. Thanks Kelly!...Are you entering the Giveaway?! Which scarf, if so?!

  4. I love the names you chose for your scarves! Chocolate cream cake sounds sooooo good :D

    1. ^_^ I couldn't help myself. I probably was hungry at the time. LOL...By the way, chocolate cream cake sounds good any time!! :-)

  5. What a wonderful blog! Thanks so much for including my Hawk Bowl - especially as something unexpected (adorable).

    1. It was entirely my pleasure to share it! :-) ... And thank you for the nice words about the blog too! :-]


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