Sunday, August 12, 2012

How Often Do You Check Out Your Competition?

       Crochet....crocheting....and crocheters. That's all I'm about today. That wasn't all I was about yesterday! Yesterday I was about watching the weather...BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "THIS IS A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY BROADCASTING SYSTEM..."...That's what I was used to hearing a couple of times a week or so. No big deal.
         But not this weekend. That BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! has been followed by an urgent
recorded voice telling us that turbulent weather has been detected in the area...severe thunderstorms...lightening...atmospheric swirling, etc...and then came tornado watches and warnings, and local info telling us that we need to get to safety, be careful of flooding, etc....WOW! Scary!...So, what I've been doing the last couple of days is trying not to let that loud television 'ALERT' scare me to death!...and watching one of my resident hummingbirds in the tree near the feeder, waiting out the storm,...

          ...and crocheting,...of course! :-] 

        I've been working on some small flower brooches and lapel pins...

       Now, this morning, it's still kinda dark and cloudy and raining. I've been up and down all night, in pain...Ugh!...and my fingers aren't in shape for that tiny needle this morning. So....I decided to just spend some time checking out the competition...the other brooch and flower crocheters! :-) ... Those of you who create and sell your items, how often, if ever, do you do that?!...check out your competition, I mean?!
      I really shouldn't call them 'the competition', because I really don't find myself nervous or wary of them at all! I find them encouraging and inspiring. You can see what I mean in the header photo, and below...

       Now who could really call them 'the competition'?! :-) We are all clearly in our own lanes...creatively speaking. And some of them are so wonderful that I don't even wanna get anywhere near their lane. :-)) I just wanna show off their work!
        The little handmade crochet brooches that we make are so under-appreciated by people. Oh yes, people really like sticking one here and there, on their blouse, coat, hat, pocketbook, etc...but they don't appreciate what a difference they make to an outfit....or how much work went into making them!...Maybe me and my 'competition' can change that! :-)
       At any rate, making brooches and crocheted creations is getting much more attractive for us crocheters these days, with the colors that yarn is coming in!...I mean who wouldn't want a little statement piece in these colors?!...

       Anybody wanna learn how to crochet?! ^_^ 

       Okay, there's nothing else for me to talk about, so I'm off to get some breakfast, and get myself ready for the meeting. My fingers may not work that well today, but my mind is doing just fine! :-) And it can use all of the spiritual encouragement it can get!!...Have a good day, Everybody!

What do YOU talk about?

What do YOU talk about
when you don't have much to say?
A short phrase about the weather?
Or the 'fine'-ness of the day?

Do you ask: "How do you do?",
hoping they won't say a thing?
Or just say: "Call me tomorrow",
hoping that the phone won't ring?

Do you lend yourself to grins,
and slight noddings of the head,
knowing big smiles and eye contact
would make you committed to what they said?

What do YOU talk about
when your 'talker' is 'on the blink'?
Not hardly much at all.
Certainly not much as you would think!


  1. Hi Deb,
    Hope you're not in pain anymore.
    I should check out the competition more often. When I started my shop, I did a bunch, but now I'm just doing my thing...
    I say that the competition is a guideline for you to decide what you want to have at the shop and how to price them.

    1. Hi Priscila!...YAY! The sun is ot...and my pain level has dropped. I'm crocheting right now! :-) ...Just like you, when I first started my Etsy shop I was looking at 'the competition' all the time! Then I got into my own zone and totally didn't look at all! But I now realize that, for me anyway, it helps to have a balance somewhere in the middle. I do my own thing most of the time, but occasionally I pop in to see what everybody else is doing...for inspiration and ideas. :-)

  2. I love your little do great work and competition is not a bad spurs others to think of even greater things to create..and I know you are always thinking. I hope your fingers feel better soon and I think you got a great shot of a hummingbird actually not moving! We had some nice rain this weekend too and I'm loving the cooler weather. Finally!

    1. Thanks for the thumbs up on my flower brooches Yaya! :-)And as to competition, I'd say that it doesn't "HAVE TO" be bad...but unfortunately the way people are these days, it usually is! When it comes to my fellow Etsians, calling them 'the competition' almost doesn't seem correct...especially when they probably didn't even know my shop existed....until now! ^_^ ...And by the way, my fingers ARE feeling better now. :-] I don't know if the rain is gone for good though...Have a good week, Yaya!

  3. Deb-- really-- you are THE Queen of crochet!!! You know-- I don't worry about it either-- there are SO many talented people out there--- and everybody has their own special take on their crafts--- it's what makes the world go round!

    1. Ha! Ha! I don't know if I'm the queen, Vicki... ^_^ ...but I'm certainly a 'worker bee'!!...And I agree with you. There's plenty of room in the "creative" pool for all of us. :-) ... Have a good week!

  4. Thanks for sharing my Classic Sock Mini Skeins! I love your little flowers- super cute!

    Wren of Sunrise Fiber Co.

    1. Hello Wren! :-) ... It was my pleasure!...And thank you for the nice words about my flowers too!...Have a good day!

  5. Look at all that crocheted goodness! There are some very talented people out there :D


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