Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Since I Can't Talk About What I Wanted To Talk About.....

      I had planned to get up this morning, get some beautiful photos of my in progress crochet projects, and continue my posts about crochet this week. I said 'planned to do that' because there was a little 'kink in my hose'! LOL...The weather!
     We woke up before 5 O'Clock this morning with the sound of loud claps of thunder and bright flashes of lightening! Apparently we were in the heart of a severe thunder storm!...And also, apparently, we're not done. O_O We're just experiencing a slight pause at the moment. We still have rain....a lot of it! Actually, flooding!...The thunder boomers are gonna start back up this evening.
        So, instead of showing off my 'stuff', I'm gonna show off other people's 'stuff'! LOL...Like those gorgeous earrings in the header photo. They look like the color of water, so I thought they would be a good 'lead off' for a post where I couldn't talk about what I wanted to talk about...but instead could talk about them! ;-) ...Here's some others...

       I think I've mentioned on the blog before about my love of Irish music. Have I also mentioned that I'm kinda drawn to plaid...and tartan...and green?! :-] And no, I'm not Irish. So I don't know where this attraction comes from. But it's strong!!...And so is my love of 'turning a phrase'. So a green plaid tartan journal is right up my alley! :-)

      Speaking of alleys.....O_O....Okay, I can't transition from 'alleys' to talking about those beautiful vases. ^_^ Some things ought not to be talked about in the same sentence!

       But I can talk about color ANY time! :-) And I love the colors of these barrettes! :-) They're so pretty that they almost wanna make you find somewhere to go just so you can wear them!

       Speaking of going somewhere...^_^...

       I wonder what the weather is like in Greece this time of year! :-) Maybe I should put a barrette in my hair and take a trip there!...Clearly being here in Massachusetts right now is not the barrette in the hair, umbrella-less, plaid skirt wearing best place to be! LOL

      I do all this talking, but you know where I'm gonna be.....just hanging around! ^_^ ...Just like these...

      They came to Kamana's, of Journalling Through Photos blog, neighborhood to hang around in the sapodilla tree. ^_^ You have to go over to her blog and see the other pictures and hear the rest of the story! --> Here!

     I'm off to wait out the storm and get some other necessary stuff done...Maybe I need to call 'Batman' to 'SOCK'....'POW'....'ZOK'...those storm clouds! :-)) ..Have a good day, Everybody! :-)


I'm not very good at waiting.
I've had to do too much of it.
Too many hours in the car.
Too many minutes just to sit.

I want to do it now!
What's all this waiting all about?
Too much time spent in the middle
turns my surety to doubt.

I guess it could be worth the waiting,
all this check-list, errand, chore.
Then again, that all depends
on what it is I'm waiting for.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me among all these lovely items! I particularly love the Greek vase!

    1. Hi Caroline! :-) I'm partial to that Greek vase too!...And it was my pleasure to share your journal!...Have a good rest of the day!

  2. thank you so much! you've made some lovely choices to feature today-- hope the rain goes away soon! :)

    1. It was my pleasure! :-) I'm glad you liked the other items too...By the way, right now the sun is shining brightly. :-)

  3. Love the choices you made here usual! We seem to like the same things! :)
    Hope the weather passes without any problems for you. Take care and stay safe!

    1. Thanks, Bead! :-) Yep! Birds of a feather, you and I! ^_^ As for the weather, we had sunshine most of the day...until about five minutes ago. O_O Now it's quickly looking quite ominous!

  4. na na na na na Batman! I haven't heard that theme in a very long time :) The boys thought I was nuts when I sang along :D

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha! You're not nuts...Me and hubby were hear singing along too!! ^_^ And doing the dance!...Spare your boys the dance though, huh?! LOL


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