Sunday, November 11, 2012

Easy...QUIET!...Sunday Mornings

         Do you have your cup of coffee or green tea in hand?!...Okay. I can talk to you now! ^_^ ... I remember Sunday mornings when I was a little girl in Georgia. They were the quiet times of my life. Quiet because my grandmother insisted on it being that way on Sundays! I don't know why. I suspect it had something to do with the way she grew up, of which I know hardly nothing!...Or superstititons, of which she had tons!...But whatever the reason, you could hear a pin drop on her old wood farmhouse floors on Sunday mornings...and you could hear her yelling from every room: "BE QUIET!" LOL
        As a kid I remember being annoyed that we couldn't go outside and run around as usual, and that we had to take a bath, sit quiet, and listen to each other breathe! LOL...But strangely, now that I'm in my 50s, I still find myself seeking quiet on Sunday mornings...and sitting around listening to my husband breathe! :-) ...Note to self: Remind hubby that it may be time for a nose hair trim! LOL...Shhhhhhh!
        As I was saying, I love quiet Sunday mornings...and especially sharing it with you! :-) I get to sit here rambling on if I like, I get to share the new poem my peacefully patient mind came up with, and I get to ask you...what do you do on Sunday mornings?!...Do you sit with your significant other reading the paper, studying, eating a little piece of toast and sipping on some coffee or green tea, like we do sometimes?!...

      ...Although this morning it wasn't toast for us. It was a boiled egg and an apple. :-) ... I was thinking of something much more substantial...

        ...but my body wasn't having that this morning. It was yelling: "QUIET!" Sounded just like my grandmother! LOL

         Or, on Sunday mornings, do you have a big breakfast including biscuits and gravy, eggs and ham, homemade preserves and fresh milk straight from Petunia the cow?! ^_^ ... Wait a minute! That was "MY" Sunday mornings as a kid! :-) My grandmother was doing all of that "QUIET!" yelling from the kitchen, where she was slaving over the big breakfast to beat all big breakfasts!! :-)
       By the way, at the same time as she was making breakfast, she was starting the meal for later in the day!...Georgia folk love a BIG Sunday dinner!...She would be cutting up collard greens, simmering meat, etc... for all of the people that "might" stop by during the day!....And somebody always did too! :-)
        Or are you the kind of person that likes to take it easy on Sunday mornings, listening to soft music?...

       Hubby and I have a meeting this morning. That's something else that we regularly do on Sundays...remember where we came from. And I'm not talking about coming from an old farmhouse in Georgia! LOL I'm talking about remembering our ultimate creator. :-) If not for him I would "really" be quiet on Sunday mornings!! O_O

    Okay...I'm off! Enjoy your Sunday morning...WHATEVER you're doing! :-) 

This I know!

I am breathing every morning,
moving limbs and reaching out.
And while my brain cells might be fuzzy,
of one thing I have no doubt

I know I don't do this alone,
even though some don't agree
I know the fruit tastes good that falls,
but someone had to make the tree!

I have respect for other's views.
I don't push my beliefs on them,
but on a daily, weekly, basis,
I give all my praise to him.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my coffee cake on your beautiful Sunday morning blog post!!

    1. No, the thanks goes to you for letting me share your yummy looking cake! :-)

  2. Good morning sunshine. I found you!!! It was so good catching up with you on Friday and I look forward to getting together. Love the blog. Have a great day!

    1. Hellooooooo! :-) How nice to see your comment!! I look forward to seeing you in person too! ♥ And thanks for the nice words about the blog..Have a good day, my friend! ♥

  3. We don't have many quiet Sundays in our home or any quiet days really especially when both boys are home. I do like the idea of a big cooked breakfast though. The way you described what you had as a child made my mouth water! Yum!

    1. WOW! I feel bad for you now. :-( Everybody should have 'SOME' quiet time...Sunday or 'some'-day!! Too bad I can't come to your house and orchestrate a day for you! ^_^ Maybe for your wedding day...or the honeymoon time afterward, you'll be able to get some quiet time for you and Mark...Maybe!


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