Thursday, January 24, 2013

Will That Be Paper, Plastic Or Wire?!

       I hate starting my post off talking about the weather, but since I don't wanna get into a whole long conversation about how I woke up with an awful headache...and how my C-Pap machine kept loosening up on me throughout the night...and how I didn't sleep well...etc...talking about the weather is a 'safe' conversation starter! :-]
      Brrrrr!...It's something like 6 degrees outside, with a wind chill factor of 1!...which means that it may 'feel' like it's 6, but it's really only one degree!!!! LOL...I thought yesterday's weather was cold, but today it's actually colder than it was yesterday!...I'm talking about the same yesterday when my little birdies were chiseling their poor beaks down to nubs trying to get the food from the suet feeder! LOL 

       If you click on the photos they should enlarge enough for you to see my little chiseling bird visitors. :-) I tried to catch the black and white woodpecker with the little spot of red on his head, and the flaming red cardinal with the black around his eyes, but.....Nope! You get chickadees and wrens if you get anything!! LOL...They get so distracted with the food that they're easy to photograph...*Teehee*
     I feel sorry for the poor little 'babies' out in this cold. I wish I had a little birdie grocery store for them, with warmed up food, and a non-frozen section. I'd even be their cashier. :-) ..."Will that be paper or plastic, Mr. Cardinal?!" ^_^ Yes...yes I am being silly! What do you want?! The cold is going to my head!! LOL
     But...moving on...since my 'real' birds aren't that entertaining in their attempted's a little paper...bird...for you! :-) ...

       ...and some paper flowers too! ^_^ ...

     What you're reading right now is my mind sorta on a 'stream of consciousness' ride. LOL Because when I saw the paper bird, and paper flowers, I thought about the question the grocery store cashier would always ask...back in the day when they used to bag your grocery for you at the store...and they used to TALK! LOL..."Will That Be Paper or Plastic?!"...*By the way, what's up with the mute cashiers these days anyway?!!...O_O...They practically don't even wanna look at you!!
      Although hubby says that the stores around here seem to be on a campaign to talk to their customers all of a sudden!...Kinda disconcerting after all of this time of silence and pointing!!! LOL...Hubby says he saw a sign on one of the cash register counters that asked: "Did we greet you with a friendly 'Hello!'? If not, please tell us because we want your visit to be a pleasurable one!"...Humphf.....makes me suspicious!!! LOL*

      Anyway!! ^_^ ...If you don't want paper, how about plastic?!...A plastic bird...

       ...and a plastic flower!...

     Now you're probably saying to yourself: "Okay, but why the reference to 'wire'?" ^_^ Well I'll tell ya! LOL...When I was looking through the Etsy search for paper birds and paper flowers, I came across wire birds and wire flowers too! ^_^ ...

      I'm sorry!... ^_^ ...This is just how my mind works, people!

      And of course, since we're talking about flowers!... ^_^...let me show you my latest ones for my Wuglyees shop!...

     They're not online yet, but they probably will be by the end of the day...if I can get rid of this headache enough to wanna be bothered with the whole listing thing!...Maybe some green tea, and a little soft music will help. I'm gonna go and 'hang out' I do when I'm not feeling well...and see if it goes away...Have a good day, Everybody! :-]

Hanging Out

I'm hanging out, and eating,
this and that, pick, pick, pick!
There's not much else to do
when you're home and feeling sick.

Listening to some music,
making plans in my head.
Just like a tuna, flipping
back and forth in my bed.

Laughing at the T.V.,
playing scrabble all alone,
Looking at the walls
while I'm chatting on the phone.

I'm hanging out, and waiting
for a change in the weather,
for my cold to go away,
and to feel a whole lot better.

Then it'll be back to work,
and I'll be up and about,
waiting patiently for a day,
when I can just be hanging out!


  1. What a lovely selection of flowers. I love the paper ones and the wire ones too but I think the wire bird out does them all today. It's very cleverly done.


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