Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweeties!...How Am I Gonna Wean Myself?!

      I have to admit right now that today's post is now completely different from what it was gonna be about an hour and a half ago. That's because while I was getting my post organized I was listening to the local news. That's where I heard the subject that now is today's post talked about!
      It was all about my sweeties!...Not the sweetie in the header photo. :-) ...Although the colors of her tu tu do remind me of my sweeties...No, I'm not talking about tu tus. I'm talking about my beloved CANDY!!...

        I just heard on the local news that they're talking about taxing candy!! O_O Well, they're actually talking about taxing cigarettes, soda pop, AND candy. The only one that concerned me was the candy!!! LOL...(All candy photos in this post are from the Etsy shop of the talented jojolarue!)

     I didn't hear too much of the details. I'm not sure if it's just a tax for Massachusetts or if it's an across states wide thing. I just know that I candy! ^_^ My husband thought it was pretty funny. He said: "Ha! Ha! They sure know where to hit people, don't they?!!" :-))
      Yeah, he can think it's funny because neither one of us smoke, and we rarely, if ever, drink soda...And considering that he knows how much I watch our finances so that we don't waste money, he thinks it's a good thing that I won't be expecting him to shell out as much 'dough' for my M&Ms with almonds, and my boxes of Russell Stover's chocolates! LOL

      But I think it's gonna be a hardship on more than just me!...What are the candy lovers gonna do when they're 'jonesing' for some 'smarties'...

     ...Or some salt water taffy!!...

      And how could I pay a tax...for my sweet 'hot balls', 'jolly ranchers', peanut bars, 'snickers', Almond Joys', Mounds' and Oh! sweet 'Tootsie rolls'?! O_O

      If I thought it would change the taxation of my sweeties, I'd probably try to wear candy! Then it would be considered as 'apparel'! ^_^ Although, here in Massachusetts apparel is still taxed, isn't it?! LOL...I'm not even sure. I'll have to look into that! ^_^

     It's kinda sad, but this isn't the first time I've thought of wearing candy! ^_^ What can I say...I love my sweeties!! LOL

     Yes, I'm being a little silly here. Because who am I kidding. Whatever price they put on and my sweeties will not be parted...except in moderation terms!! ^_^

     I can see me and my sweeties running through fields of dandelions right now!! ^_^ ... with an occasional wipe my chin. LOL...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)


A snow storm on the way,
finding out you're hard in debt.
Somehow it's not so bad,
if you have melted chocolate!

Bad news everywhere,
want to throw your T.V. set.
Thankfully there is music
and some deep dark chocolate!

Doggie had an accident,
a long trip to the vet.
A waiting room with lots to read,
but you can nibble chocolate.

Grocery shopping too.
While you run in there to get
dinner for the evening
you can grab some chocolate!

Okay, you know what's coming.
Are you sick of this poem yet?!
If you are, just roll your eyes,
and sit and eat some chocolate!


  1. Sounds like you really need this tax! Hope you get something special for Valentine's day. Grace be with you.

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha!....I'm afraid I do!...I do!!!! ^_^ And I don't even celebrate Valentine's day!! LOL

  2. I love chocolate! I hate Taxes!

    1. Ha! Ha!....And so don't most of us, Mary! ^_^


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