Saturday, February 16, 2013

Greetings!...From Saturday...And From Snow!

      As you can see, I found another owl! :-) And it's a really pretty one too, isn't it?!...It's the kind of owl that could keep on giving, because you could write someone a nice letter and send it to them, and they could read it over and over...owl-style! :-)
     I have a few cards like that. Ones that I read over and over again I mean. They don't have owls on them though. :-) Some do have birds! That's because my friends and family know I'm kind of a bird and flower lover...Well, they know I have a 'few' loves! But birds and flowers are definitely close to the top of the list! LOL
     Speaking of birds...all of my backyard birdies have flown the coop for the morning. I should've known something was up when I didn't hear their usual ruckus in the tree early this morning! But I didn't think about it that much until I opened the window and saw this!...

    Yep!...It snowed again last night...In fact, it's gonna snow off and on for a while this morning too...

    The good thing is that it's only suppose to be, at the most, a couple of inches...And it's suppose to be warming up a little later. So, this little bit of snow will probably disappear by the end of the day!...Hopefully!
    I guess I better keep my hats in my Wuglyees Etsy shop for at least a little while longer! :-) ... Not only because of the weather...but also because of the potential for my hats to end up in treasuries!! this one!...

 (Treasury curated by Sandra Kiselenko)

       It's was a nice surprise to wake up to...having my hat be in Sandra's treasury! :-) ...

     It was nice to see something 'gray' look kinda 'good'!...Not like the 'not so good-looking' gray skies around here lately! ^_^ ... A good-looking gray hat...among good-looking gray hats (see below) and other things in this lovely treasury too!...

      Okay!...Greetings to all of you Saturday 'venture-outerers'! ^_^ Enjoy the snow!...But if you can't enjoy it, Happy Saturday anyway!...whatever you end up doing! :-) I have a plan this morning for some things to do. I hope my mind and fingers let me bring them to fruition! :-) If not, I'm gonna be happy just sitting quiet!...Sometimes noise is over-rated! LOL

Sitting Quiet

I love just sitting quiet,
letting silence be my friend.
I'm not afraid to be alone,
and hear my breathing out and in.

With no T.V. on, or music,
just some thinking done, with me,
In a world where quiet reading
is now called "activity".

There's no reason to be scared,
or to need all kinds of noise,
to create some kind of chaos,
or to look for games and toys;

Just a quiet low lit room,
where I ponder my life course,
where I think of plans ahead,
but no thoughts I have to force.

Just me, still, and sitting quiet.
Nothing altering my mood.
No smoke wafting at my sinus,
no one mad or being rude.

Can you turn off all the gadgets?
Can you hear your own self sigh?
If you cannot take the quiet,
You should stop and wonder why!


  1. Snowing here too. "Lake effect" again. Not a lot of accumulation this time. has been the case for several days now, I'm stuck at home coughing my fool head off. No other symptoms, just a cough.
    Congrats on the sale and the treasury! That hat is a great color and I'm surprised it's still in your shop.
    Have a wonderful Saturday! :)

    1. WOW! You guys have gotten a lot of snow too this winter...It 'is' winter, isn't it?! ^_^ And you've had that cough for quite a while too. O_O What's up with that cough?! Have you had it checked out?!!...By the way, thanks for the nice words about the hat. Maybe somebody will take it off of my hands soon. :-] Have a good rest of the weekend, my friend!

  2. That hat is so cute and so is that baby pic! They do such nice photos of kiddos these days. When my boys were little you went to the Kmart and had fake backgrounds! I enjoy quiet time when I leave the hospital..I work in a noisy environment..beeps, alarms, suction noises, people taking over very loud music...I love to just sit in my car, take a deep breath and enjoy...peace! Have a good weekend! Stay warm and safe from all that snow..we just got a little dusting today..thank goodness!

    1. Awwww! Thank you about the hats, Yaya! :-) And you're right about the cute baby photos these days. I see as many cute baby photos as I do owl photos! ^_^ There's a story there somewhere...but not one I want to tell! LOL...By the way, I have MANY photos of myself and relatives in photos with fake backgrounds!! LOL That's was the way you did it...'back in the day'! ^_^ ... On the subject of noise, you reminded me about all of the hospital noises. :-)) Maybe that's why I have a bit of a love for quiet sometimes now too!! :-) Enjoy the rest of your 'quiet' weekend, Yaya!


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