Saturday, February 23, 2013

Random Talk About Nothing...And Everything!

      I don't have anything particular to talk about today...I know! Beat the bands! Slap your knee! Holler cross the way and tell your mama! LOL...Wait a minute though! I didn't say I wasn't gonna talk! I just said I had nothing 'particular' to talk about!! ^_^ When did lack of subject matter ever stop me from talking......NEVER! ^_^ 
     So, welcome to my random, 'talk-about-nothing-and-everything' post! :-] And just like usual, I'm gonna start with my backyard...Look at the red-headed woodpecker that's been frequenting my suet feeder?!...

     ...Isn't he pretty?! :-) ... (You can click the photo to enlarge it a bit, if you like.) I opened the blinds on him this time!...Usually I'm peeping at him like this...

     ...but he's gotten so friendly that he doesn't care how I'm looking at long as the food keeps coming, and I don't pull his tail feather! ^_^ Yes...yes I have been tempted!!...But so far I've kept my fingers to myself! LOL
      I haven't seen him this morning. Probably because we have a couple of snow and rain storms coming. He probably has sense enough to be somewhere getting ready to batten down the bird hatches!...I don't know how much snow we're gonna get. The weather people are being kind of evasive in their assessments this time...4-8 inches....12 inches....rain and snow mix...ugh!
      I shouldn't talk as if I'm so 'put out' by the snow. I'm really not. I'm not going out in it anyway! ^_^ But I hate to think that if I need some last minute color thread for a custom order...or need to send hubby to the post office to ship something...or if I need a 'food craving run'....and don't act like you don't know what I mean!! LOL...that my hubby will have to go out in precarious snow conditions! O_O So...we're preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best!

       The other random thing I can tell you about is the fabulous photos that one of my customers just sent me...of him wearing my boutonniere! :-) ...

      Now, why can't I take fabulous photos like this of my hubby wearing my boutonnieres?!...which he does all the time, by the way... Scratch that...I do know why...Because 'I can't'! I just can't! That's why!! LOL Thankfully, my customer has given me permission to share these. Thank you!! ♥ 

       And my last random subject is this scarf...

      ...I just like it!! :-] ...That-is-all! LOL...Tomorrow...more talking! See you then! ^_^
No Rhyme Or Reason

I've never written a poem
that didn't have a rolling rhyme.
In my head that's how I see words.
Rhyming lines come every time!

No matter what the subject,
'food', 'crochet', 'hubby's bike'.
In my mind I have to find
a word that kinda sounds alike!

Have I written words on paper
without rhyming every word?!
Yes I have! About my father,
and my backyard hummingbird.

But when I think of poems
I can almost tap my feet...
as if music is now playing,
and I'm rhyming to a beat!

Is this every Poet's way?!
I don't know. I just know ME!
But if I wrote about it now,
it would be a rhyming soliloquy!


  1. I enjoyed your post this morning went well with my Yes I tend to write the same as you, I realllly do!

    1. Hi! :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed my 'rambling'! ^_^ It went well with my green tea too!...Go forth a write...or ramble! LOL


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