Wednesday, February 27, 2013


      Greetings, Bloggers! ^_^ I'm so sorry I'm so late putting my post up today, but I woke up with a boiling stomach, pains everywhere because it's raining, and sales in my shop that had to be wrapped and shipped. And besides all of that, the nice lady that cleans for me came early, and her and I got to talking and laughing....And in between that, the phone has been ringing off the hook!!! ^_^ Hello!!
     My somach is still doing a slow growl every once in a while...NOT GOOD! LOL...but at least I have a few minutes now to sit here and say: "Hello!" :-) ..."How ya doing?!"..."Whatcha up to lately?!" ^_^
      What I'm 'up to' today is gonna be crocheting! :-) I'm sill trying to get into a timed routine for making my tiny lapel pins. At some point I wanna be able to just replace ones going out, and make a new design color here and there as I want to...Yeah, right! ^_^ We'll see how it turns out!
      I do love color though! Hello!! :-] That's probably why this pencil print caught my eye!...

        I think I have boutonnieres and lapel pins in my Wuglyees shop right now in every one of these colors! :-)) 

         But I love words...and naps too!...Hello! :-)) That's why my head is trying to nod while looking at this right now! ^_^ ...

     So cool!! :-)

     And speaking of cool...

      I love his cake topper!!! ^_^ My hubby is in the kitchen on his rainy gloomy day, making walnut banana bread. I wish I had this cake topper to put on top of it, with some cream cheese frosting, when he's done. YUM!

     Okay...I know my conversation is all over the place! But what do you want?...I'm working with a distracted mind...a distracted stomach...and a distracted crochet schedule!!...Just be thankful you didn't get me talking about the resigning pope...floating, non-powered cruise ships...the country singer Mindy McCready's death...Ocar Pistorius' murder conviction...watered down Budweiser beer...the New Zealand great white shark...snow hurricanes...etc...!...Hello!...We could've been here all day!!! ^_^ 

     Have a good day, Everybody!! :-) Goodbye!


Big rocks of life, important things,
decisions in your prime,
require the best that you can give;
Deserve the choicest of your time.

We have to go to work;
and everyone needs time to play;
But without priorities
the speed of time will take your day.

And if you don't believe it,
try this trick, with rocks and sand;
Put rocks into a bucket.
Then fill the sand in, hand by hand.

Now, empty out your bucket,
and then fill it all back up.
But this time, put the sand in first,
the same sand, cup by cup.

The thing that you will find
is that you don't now have the room!
Putting rocks back in is now like
putting a baby back in the womb.

The rocks are goals, priorities,
the important things to you.
The sand can be most anything,
even recreation too.

Yes, Such is the challenge
when you're managing your time.
That's why Big Rocks come first!
They help prioritize the climb.

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