Sunday, February 24, 2013

Flowers To Funny, And Some Pancakes In Between!

      I know it's risky to lead my blog post with a little seen crochet flower necklace, me adventurous! ^_^ ...'s still 'Pancake Sunday' in our house...(see photos below)...These are my breakfast pancakes this morning without syrup...

   ...and these are my breakfast pancakes WITH syrup! :-) YUM!!!...

     I also could have shown you the empty plate after I scarfed them down!...but where would be the sense in that?! LOL ...And besides, that's not my focus for today's blog post!...I wanna show you where my crochet necklace (from the header photo) showed up!...

     It showed up in his pretty treasury, entitled 'Bring some color to your life'!...

     And when I say 'pretty', I mean 'pretty'!...Look at these cute items that were included...

      You can click on the treasury photo to go over and check out the other Etsy shop items, if you like. You won't be disappointed I don't think. :-]
       In fact you might end up smiling like I did when I got another email from a satisfied customer last night! :-) He received his lapel pin and wanted me to see it on his suit!...

     Doesn't that lilac purple look good on that dark suit?! :-) I have to admit, I hadn't envisioned it on a dark suit...Goes to show what I know!...So cool! :-) ... I love my customers!!

    Anyway, I'm not gonna hang around doing a lot of 'jibbbery jabbing' today. I'm having a bit of stomach pain this might have been the milk I drank before bed last night. O-U-C-H! I need to doctor myself a bit so I can be 'wide-eyed and bushy-tailed' for the meeting today!! :-)
       Have a good day, Everybody! :-) And don't take any wooden nickles! ^_^ ...I don't know why I'm bringing up wooden nickles now. :-)) My sense of humor is all over the place!! :-)) ... It just popped into my head, with my mother's voice attached to it, and I said it! Clearly, more than my stomach needs doctoring!! LOL Bye!

Sense Of Humor

How do you gauge a sense of humor?
Is it just about a laugh?
Do you only know you're funny
when they're doubled up, in half?

Can a chuckle or a giggle
be a clue that you have wit?
Or can a smile and a head shake
be the quiet proof of it?

It's the people that are laughing,
in their house, their yard, their car.
That can spot a sense of humor;
recognize it from afar.

I don't know myself.
I just know what makes me smile.
Anyone who likes themselves
and can be talking for a while.

And if they make me wanna sit
and wonder what will they say next,
then they have a sense of humor
cuz I wouldn't be here unless...


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