Sunday, February 3, 2013

Another Pancake Sunday Breakfast Success Story!

      Aren't they pretty?! :-) ... And, believe it or not, they tasted almost as good as they looked! ^_^ ... I'm only sorry that you all couldn't be here to have eaten a bite or two of them with me....Okay! That wasn't the 'total' truth...I'm glad I had them to myself!! If I had shared a bite or two with you all, there wouldn't have been enough syrup left for me to truly enjoy my bite or two! LOL
     Although, I could've been a bad host and let you have a whole plate of your own...of the 'bad' batch that came off of hubby's skillet! ^_^

     After I saw these, I fought him for the other plate!! LOL... I pretended to be the Baltimore Ravens...the winners of today's 'Super Bowl' game! ^_^ I love the San Francisco 49ers, but I don't think they're gonna even make a good showing today!...That's my story anyway. I'll let you know if I'm right tomorrow. ^_^ Either way, with all of the 'back stories' of the players (two brothers coaching the two teams, a long time player's very last game, etc...)...and the commercials, it's gonna be a hum-dinger!! ;-)
     I hope I'm still awake for it after filling myself up on this 'HUMONGOUS' breakfast hubby made this morning!! O_O

      If I ate all of the pancakes, ham, egg, and grits he made, I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes open this afternoon for the meeting, or be ready for 'kick-off' this evening for the 'big game'!!...Not to mention the homemade meal we had last night!...Chicken wings and gravy, brussel sprouts, and coconut cream jello pudding pie, with added coconut! ^_^

     My nighttime photos of it don't do it justice...

    But let me just say that with the added coconut...and the added whip was DELICIOUS!!!! :-] ... I may have to give up eating food for a week to get my palate ready for 'normal' again, but this weekend's food fest will have been well worth it!! ^_^

     Okay, I need to do a little crocheting, and take a nap before my meeting...For those of you who are Jehovah's Witnesses, enjoy the meeting today. The Watchtower is such good reminders!!! {For anybody wanting to read the article we'll be studying, go to and look up the Watchtower article entitled "Find real Success In Life".}
      For those of you watching the Super Bowl game later.....ENJOY!!! :-) ...Everybody else...have a good rest of the weekend!! :-)

 This I know!

I am breathing every morning,
moving limbs and reaching out.
And while my brain cells might be fuzzy,
of one thing I have no doubt...

I know I don't do this alone,
even though some don't agree
I know the fruit tastes good that falls,
but someone had to make the tree!

I have respect for other's views.
I don't push my beliefs on them,
but on a daily, weekly, basis,
I give all my praise to him.


  1. All I can say is "YUM!" ♫ Stay awake, stand firm, grow mighty ♫ Oops, got carried away. This talk is making me crazy!! One day soon I'll come up with a setting.
    enjoy your meeting and as I said....stay awake...
    Enjoy the super bowl too. We're supposed to go to friends, but if this weather doesn't improve, I won't be going anywhere.

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha!...guess what, Bead?!...I stayed awake!! ^_^ What a good meeting today! And that Watchtower...WOW! Such good reminders of what 'real' success is!...By the way, the talk is still throwing you, huh?...keep at it. It's come to you out of nowhere. just watch! :-) ... and you enjoy the game too...wherever you watch it!!

  2. All that goodness just jumped out of the computer screen! Yummo! Your hubby is such a great cook and I do believe he spoils lucky gal! Have fun watching the game. I'm not much for FB but I know Jack will be tuned in. Enjoy your week!

    1. Ha! Ha! I'm so glad you could tell what they were! ^_^ My pictures weren't so good. I had to 'doctor' them on Picasa. LOL...And you'll get no argument from me about being spoiled either!! ^_^ I don't know how long i can 'milk it', but I'm gonna do it as long as I can get away with it! LOL...By the way, it's halftime now and my Ravens are up 21 to 6!! :-)


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